Trump’s war of annihilation strategy against Islamic State frees military to quickly seize territory

George W Bush takes Jay Leno for a spin around his Texas ranch for ex-Tonight Show host's car series in which he reveals the Secret Service won't let him drive in public and his wife's pet name for him is 'Bushy'

Rights groups accuse Milwaukee leaders of expanding cooperation with immigration officials

WP's David Ignatius Back From Syria: Kurdish Fighters Cheer At Mention Of President Trump's Name

A View From The Outside: Chicago Violence Stuns Australia's '60 Minutes'

Beef makes a comeback on American shopping lists

Targeted immigration arrests in San Diego area have more than doubled under Trump

SANLIURFA, TURKEY -  OCTOBER 20:  (TURKEY OUT)   An explosion rocks Syrian city of Kobani during a reported suicide car bomb attack by the militants of Islamic State (ISIS) group on a People's Protection Unit (YPG) position in the city center of Kobani, a


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