Clarke calls County Exec. Chris Abele a “little mouse”

via Fox 6 news by THEO KEITH

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is calling County Executive Chris Abele a "little mouse" after Abele called on the sheriff to resign his position.

"Abele is pissed I will be Sheriff until January 2019 at a minimum. That's a long time," Clarke said in an email from his spokeswoman, Fran McLaughlin, in reference to when his current term is up. "He couldn't beat me at the ballot box in 2013 after spending $263,000 of his personal wealth trying to do it. I will resign right after that little mouse does."

This weekend, Clarke announced he would not be taking an assistant secretary position at the Department of Homeland Security as he planned to last month. At the time, Clarke said he would resign as sheriff sometime in June so he could accept the federal job.

Abele on Sunday, June 18th joined a chorus of Democratic state lawmakers and liberal county supervisors calling on Clarke to resign as sheriff. It's the first time Abele has said Clarke should quit.

The complete story here > Sheriff David Clarke calls County Exec. Chris Abele a “little mouse” after Abele urges resignation

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