A peek at the August solar eclipse from your home!

  People are already talking about the upcoming solar eclipse that will cross the United States on August 21st. Portions of the nation will see a TOTAL eclipse of the sun on that day, sadly Milwaukee is not one of those locations. However we WILL see about a 75 per cent partial eclipse. I've attached a handy little tool that will let you see what the eclipse will look like from any part of the U.S., just type in a city name and hit the play button. You can even zoom in on the sun for a closer look.  The home page on this site will also give you tons of information on the eclipse and safe ways to view it. DO NOT look at it directly with the naked eye! CLICK HERE TO TRAVEL TO THE SITE

DONGGALA, CENTRAL SULAWESI, INDONESIA - 2016/03/09: A view of the total solar eclipse captured from Donggala. The total eclipse starts over the Indian Ocean, made landfall across Indonesia, including Sumatra, Borneo, and Sulawesi, Teluk Tomini and Halmahera in the Moluccas and then headed out over the north Pacific Ocean, to ended near the Hawaiian islands. (Photo by Bambang Prastowo/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)


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