CNN Caught Literally Creating Fake News

In a stunning video shot by The Rebel TV reporter Caolan Robertson, a CNN crew can be seen staging a protest of ISIS by members of London's Muslim community.

This is absolutely stunning. The reporter and her crew were actually moving people into place to give the illusion of a spontaneous demonstration from the area's Muslim community.  In reality, the "demonstration" dissipated as soon as CNN's cameras left.  

CNN's reliably left-wing media reporter, Brian Stelter, attempted to explain away this very obvious creation of a false narrative.

If that is in any way true, why didn't the reporter simply turn around and film the demonstration behind the cordoned-off area. CNN cameras weren't barred from going into that area, so if this was a real spontaneous demonstration, why didn't the crew capture it as it was happening? Why did they have to pose each "demonstrator?"

The answer is obvious; because this wasn't a spontaneous demonstration. It was orchestrated by a CNN crew to advance the narrative that the Muslim community was so united against ISIS that its members showed up to demonstrate against it.

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