Madison schools order staff to thwart fed cops

This is not OK.

It's one thing to keep records confidential as a general rule, it's an entirely OTHER thing to actively work to thwart federal immigration law enforcement authorities from doing their job.   It's LOCAL NULLIFICATION of federal law, and it's illegal. 

The left used to rage wildly about nullification when it was Tea Party groups advocating for it.  But local nullification of federal immigration law in the form of sanctuary policies at the municipal and state level has been going on for DECADES with ZERO condemnation by the left.  Nullification for me...not for thee seems to be their motto.  

In any case, back in April, the Madison school board adopted a "reaffirmation" of their policy that demands teachers, staff to actively thwart efforts by federal law enforcement, and whoever their local police proxies might be.  Here's a picture from a handout disseminated to staff at the schools:

There is ZERO language on gang members or juveniles suspected of crime.  No exemptions.  You are required to keep your mouth shut and actively thwart police even IF you know that the gang banger sitting in your class is in the country illegally.  Even if you know the gang banger sitting in your class is the resident dope dealer in the school.  See something, SAY NOTHING.

And in case you have been misled by political talking points on the left, illegal alien CRIMINALS are a problem.  A BIG problem.

I know no one seems to care anymore, but Dane County has plenty of ethnic gangs.  That includes Latin and Asian gangs.  Think any of those gang members might...just in the country illegally?  Want someone to do something about it?  Don't expect help from the school board.  

The CITY of Madison is only slightly better.  

Criminals are the new victims in Madison that must be protected.  Real victims of crime are mere useful means to a political end.  Don't expect anything to change any time soon.  

And don't think it's only a liberal Madison or Milwaukee problem.  Behold, the "vaunted" New York Times giving tips to illegal aliens on how to evade the law and stay in the US illegally.  

But it's not just criminal illegal aliens that are a problem.  Non-criminal illegal aliens are voting.  You want to fundamentally transform America?  Having people from other countries voting in our elections is a pretty good way to do it.   And despite the convenient lie that illegal aliens cannot, therefore do not use welfare, non-criminal illegal aliens are also using welfare programs.  

This changes by doing something radically simple:  enforcing the law.  In order to do that, local government nullification of federal law must end.  Let's start with Madison.


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