Milwaukee FPC police pursuit report. Exactly what we thought

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (FPC) released on Wednesday, May 10th its 2016 Vehicle Pursuit Report, which shows suspects are getting younger, more reckless, and they're often getting away.

According to a news release issued on Wednesday afternoon, the report provides a comprehensive overview of Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) vehicle pursuit statistics for 2016 and contextualizes the current data with data going as far back as 2002.

Significant findings of the report include:

  • There were 306 vehicle pursuits in 2016, the most recorded since 2002.
  • Almost half of all vehicle pursuits (48%) in 2016 reached speeds in excess of 75 mph, a large increase when compared to prior years.
  • There have been recent (2015 and 2016) increases in officer, subject and third party injuries during vehicle pursuits. More than a quarter of pursuits ended in crashes, and there were four officers and 36 innocent bystanders hurt in 2016 -- nine of them seriously, doubling the amount from 2015.
  • The median age of known pursuit subjects has seen a significant decrease over time. The median age in 2003 was 40 while the median age in 2016 was 18.

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The complete report here > 2016 Fire and Police Commission Vehicle Pursuit Report


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