Conservatives defending free speech is CONSPIRACY?

Yes, I'm blogging a blog.  First, read Blaska's excellent piece on the INSIPID attacks on the various campus free speech bills introduced by CONSERVATIVES in the WI legislature HERE. In a word:  pathetic.

Campuses all around the U.S. are engaged in a SYSTEMATIC attack on free speech and expression.  And the UW system is no different.  Witness MY personal treatment at the Ben Shapiro speech in November of 2016.  Yes, the thug punk really said "your whiteness scares me" and our "presence" on campus is "violence".  Notice how the utterly feckless officers of the UW Madison Police Department are as they stand with their hands in their POCKETS while the thug radicals surround and threaten me.  Really, you have to see it to believe it.  I honestly still have a hard time watching that video.

But it's not limited to UW Madison and its support of The Heckler's Veto.  It's UW Lacrosse, too.  Read the excellent piece by Matt Kittle on a dispatcher who was FIRED...for supporting Trump's TRAVEL BAN.  Yes.  Really.  It happened.  

But it's not just UW Madison OR UW Lacrosse.  Enter UW Whitewater.  Read about how two students were punished for taking selfies of their ACNE MASKS because the campus believed they were in black face.  You can't make this up and be THIS insane.  

But it's not just UW Madison or UW Lacrosse OR UW Whitewater.  Read HERE about how UW Platteville investigated a student because she posted pictures of herself in a Halloween costume...of THREE BLIND MICE.   Because mice and blind people would be offended.  Or something.

And let's not forget the recent "project" at UW Madison that awarded class credit for HATE...which was redefined as Trump resistance or something...that included a painting of a pregnant woman being anally RAPED.  

I could go on.  In fact, why don't I?  Here is a story I posted recently about two incidents at the UW Madison where students claimed they were racially "wronged".  One woman thought another student in the library was "glaring" at her because she was non-white...and a different student assumed his one piece of burnt french toast was a racist microaggression.  Because OF COURSE.  

It can't get any crazier.  Or can it?

Shame on the liberals who long ago abandoned free speech in the name of ideological purity and power.   They think the "Wisconsin Idea" means SUBMISSION to their politics.  


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