You ARE being gaslighted.

How many times have you observed that social, political, and cultural chaos going on in the world around you and asked out loud "am I crazy...or is this by design"?  You're not crazy, and it IS by design.    And unless people start to put the pieces of the puzzle together and ACT to change the direction of this country, it will only get more chaotic, more illogical, more tyrannical.  

First, start by understanding how propaganda works.  A quick reference resource is here:  Five Rules of Propaganda 

To understand how these rules work on a mass scale, read Stella Morabito's OUTSTANDING piece at The Federalist website on hack-proofing your mind:  10 Resources for Hack-Proofing Your Mind 

NOW...start reading about the RADICAL backgrounds of groups like Black Lives Matter.  Start with an easy-to-understand piece by David French of National Review Magazine:  Black Lives Matter: Radicals UsingModerates to Tear America Apart

Next, read this outstanding analysis by James Simpson at Capital Research Group (who will also be attending the conference at Serb Hall):   Racist Provocation With Radical Roots

After you've gotten a better handle on how the radicals can use the tools of propaganda to execute their  radical ideas in America, RE-READ some of the stories you've heard about on campus and elsewhere.  Please start with a couple of my recent blog posts:  UW in Violation of Safe Space Resolution  and Hate for Class Credit.  Finish up with an excellent post on what happened to Ben Shapiro (and me) at the UW in fall of 2016:  Your Whiteness Scares me

Once you understand how the left uses US to insinuate their propaganda, you'll understand why fighting back against it  (on campus an elsewhere) is so difficult.

It is NOT my goal to make you paranoid, or see radicals behind every fence post.  It is my goal for you to understand that by DELIBERATE DESIGN, the radicals have adopted very successful tactics of infiltration (education and government) and by coupling the infiltration with the exportation or their ideas using the various media available, the education system and tax code (now harnessing the immense power of "social media), the problem has become an INSTITUTIONAL one.  

It is also NOT my goal to convince you that all the chaos is directed from on-high by some mustache-twirling billionaire like George Soros.  Because factually, that's not true.  The radicals' tactic is to create a diffuse, and sometimes loose network of groups capable of causing ruckus whenever the opportunity arises.   Soros et al. are simple means to an end.  And the end goal in America is upending this Constitutional system that promotes freedom, free enterprise and demands fair governance under the rule of law.   

No, you're not crazy.  And this is no joke.

Reservations are STILL available for the Midwest Security Conference at Serb Hall on 5/6/17.  Click here for details:  Midwest Security Conference


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