Trumps Biggest Achievement in His 1st 100 Days? Stopping the Left

Good piece from Larry Elder in Real Clear Politics

President Donald Trump's biggest achievement in his first 100 days? Easy. He stopped the left.

Measure Trump's first 100 days not just by looking at what he has or has not accomplished. Look at what America would have experienced under the alternative: Hillary Clinton.

Under Clinton, the debate would not be on how to replace Obamacare, but how quickly can the left realize its ultimate ambition, a Canadian-style, single-payer system. Under Clinton, the issue would not be how steep the tax cuts, but how many "rich" people, also known as job creators, would experience yet another growth-restricting tax hike.

Under Clinton, the $100 billion-plus annually in new regulations imposed by President Barack Obama -- much of it to fight "climate change" -- would continue to rise. This has stopped. President Trump signed an executive order that requires an elimination of two regulations for every new regulation proposed by an executive department or agency in 2017, with a zero-dollar net increase in the cost of regulations.

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Real estate investor Donald Trump displays his financial statement during his announcement that he will run for the 2016 presidential election at the Trump Tower in New York  on June 16, 2015. Trump, one of America's most flamboyant and outspoken billiona

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