MATC conscripts PARENTS into gender assignment

My friend's college age child came home with an assignment for Sociology 130 class at MATC.  My friend is supposed to fill out questionnaire on "Gender".  Have a look:  

She asked "how am I supposed to answer these"?  Here were my suggestions to her:

How do you describe yourself as a man or a woman?

I’m a woman. 

How to describe your husband/wife as a man or a woman?

He’s a man.

Would your husband/wife agree?


How has your understand of man/woman changed over time?

It hasn’t.

How does your sense of man/woman differ from your father, mother?

It doesn’t.

What has living as a man/woman taught you?

What a silly question.  I do what I do to raise a family and make a living.  How about you?

How do you evaluate gender relations among the young?

People are trying to confuse people and young people are getting confused.

PLEASE CALL ME IMMEDIATELY to discuss this "assignment" for my child.  I would like to know what the possible point of this assignment is, and why my adult child needs to bring it home for MOMMY to fill out

For those of you who do NOT know, MATC is funded by a combination of general state tax dollars, direct property taxes and student tuition.  The average MATC faculty member makes over $100k/year.  Here is some information from the 2016-17 budget for the Milwaukee Area Technical College:  1.5% tuition increase!  MATC 2016-2017 BUDGET DOC

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