The Pitfalls of Canadian Single-Payer Health Care (via National Review)

The Canada Health Act (CHA), introduced in 1984, governs the complicated fiscal agreement between the provinces, who administer health services, and the feds, who manage their health-insurance monopoly and transfer funds to the local governments. Unlike in the United Kingdom, where health care is socialized and hospitals are run by the National Health Service, in Canada health care is technically delivered privately, although given the Kafkaesque regulations and restrictions that govern it, the system is by no means market-based. In fact, Canada’s government-controlled health-care system has become more restrictive than communist China’s. Debates about health-care policy typically revolve around three key metrics: universality, affordability, and quality. More from Candice Malcolm in National Review here > The Pitfalls of Single-Payer Health Care: Canada’s Cautionary Tale


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