Shocker: Susan Rice Lied About Unmasking Trump Team Members

On the heels of blockbuster reports from both Bloomberg and FOX News that Obama Administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice unmasked the identities of members of the Donald Trump presidential campaign and then disseminated the reports that featured those unmasked names throughout the intelligence community, Rice has been adamant that she has done nothing wrong.

On Tuesday, the day after the Bloomberg report was released, she told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that she "leaked nothing to nobody" and that she did nothing wrong.  In short, she claimed that all of her conduct was totally proper:

This, however, is a far cry from her insistence just 13 days ago that she had no idea about any sort of unmasking of Trump Team members.

It is fairly obvious that Rice--who infamously lied to the nation about the motive behind the Benghazi terror attack four-plus years ago--was lying again about knowing nothing about the unmasking which she was later forced to admit that she ordered.

Think about it: Two weeks ago she knew nothing at all about this activity.  Now, she knows about it but it was all perfectly legal and aboveboard.  Well, it would be, if it weren't so obvious that this unmasking was done for political reasons.  If it can be proven that it was, then Rice violated United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18.

Naturally, former Obama Administration officials are rushing to claim that this couldn't have been done for political purposes...even though it was done in the height of one of the most bitter campaigns in American history...and President Obama personally endorsed Trump's opponent, former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...and selective leaks from the Obama investigation were used to damage Trump both on the campaign trail and after he had won the presidency.

The evidence is certainly starting to point to a political operation to damage Candidate and President Trump, and the Susan Rice revelation lends credence to the idea that maybe, just maybe, the Trump-Russia "scandal" that the media has been pushing (without any evidence of collusion between the two) for months now is actually just an Obama Administration creation. 

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