Judge sends violent teen offender to JUVI court.

Does anyone still wonder why Milwaukee is overrun w/violent thugs and carjackers?  It's easy to explain:  a criminal justice system that thinks violent teen thugs need hugs, not jail cells. 

Here's the latest Milwaukee madness, courtesy of frustrated south side Alderman Bob Donovan:

Gun-toting ‘scary and prolific’ auto thief kept in broken juvenile justice system 

Disturbing video raises many questions about judge’s decision 

Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan 

April 4, 2017 

"Last Friday (March 31), prosecutors sought to waive a 15-year-old Milwaukee boy into adult court because he simply cannot seem to stop stealing vehicles, despite serious juvenile court proceedings against him. Prosecutors say the boy’s fingerprints have shown up on 22 stolen cars – nearly two dozen vehicles!

And now I have received some shocking and quite disturbing video showing the teen waving a handgun and flashing gang signs. In my opinion, this video – which you can view by going to my city Facebook page (facebook.com/AldermanDonovan) – casts strong doubt about whether this teen is fit for any type of reform or rehabilitation in our broken juvenile justice system.

A veteran Milwaukee police officer who viewed the clip called it “scary.”

News reports also indicate the boy has gone missing from authorities twice in recent years, only to be later linked to more car thefts.

On Friday, Judge Gwendolyn Connolly flatly refused to waive the teen into adult court, stating she did not see “clear and convincing evidence” that it was necessary. She said this after watching this very same video!

Judge Connolly should ask a few of the victims whether there is any clear and/or convincing evidence to send the young criminal into adult court (where he may FINALLY learn his lesson). What about the safety of the community, Judge Connolly?

She should also explain to us how she is sure the gun he was holding in the video won’t be used in a robbery or killing.

I don’t know Judge Connolly and I don’t believe we’ve ever met. I know her job is a challenging one, but I say with all due respect, I believe she owes an explanation to the citizens of Milwaukee."

AND HERE'S A VIDEO that the thug recorded of HIMSELF waving around a loaded gun (he demonstrates) as he sits w/his crew in a stolen car.  Warning:  graphic:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i5_avxMXtg&feature=youtu.be

Male judge striking gavel in courtroom, close-up

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