This Gorsuch Character is Pretty Impressive Says...Dianne Feinstein?

Trump's Message to the Courts: Even 'A Bad High School Student' Would Understand the Law in Question

Delaying ObamaCare Repeal Is Not An Option

Madison district could miss out on Scott Walker's proposed school spending

Wisconsin moves towards self-insurance system for state employee health care

Intel to invest $7 billion in factory in Arizona, employ 3,000

Alveda King: Warren Using The King Name To "Play The Race Card"; Coretta Wanted To Bring People Together, Not Divide

Ted Cruz on Liz Warren: "Democrats Are The Party Of The KKK"

Police organizations can't wait for Attorney General Jeff Sessions

White House lists 24 terror suspects who previously came to US from countries banned by Trump

Ted Cruz: ‘Angry’ Elizabeth Warren ‘lashing out at the American people’

Conservatives grow impatient over Obamacare, demand repeal this spring to appease voters

9-year-old brings pizza to Milwaukee police officers

Gov. Walker drops funding for I-94 east-west project; MMAC preps fight

On a roll: Wisconsin Senate passes another labor reform bill

Walker’s budget calls for boost in education, $592 million cut in taxes, fees

Levin: Judges SHOULD be called out, particularly when ‘they’re using the law to kill the law!' - See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2017/02/levin-judges-should-be-called-out#sthash.Wftz5iF8.dpuf


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