RACISM 2.0: how your kids' schools are turning them into bigots.


December 12, 2019

By Vicki McKenna

Racism 2.0: The making of a racist

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” — Martin Luther King Jr., 1963.

MADISON — Is MLK Jr.’s dream of a color blind society dead?

If the Social Justice Industrial Complex gets its way, it will be. And this generation of kids will be the one to kill it. They are the foot soldiers of the American left’s reset of racism. Their teachers are the Field Marshalls. Let’s call it RACISM 2.0.

White privilege. White supremacy. Microaggressions. Implicit bias. These are the buzz words and hashtags of Racism 2.0, the left’s racialist Political Theory of Everything. They are building blocks, not punchlines.

This is a wholesale rehabbing of racism as VIRTUE in the name of justice, under the banner of “diversity” or “inclusivity.”

Using America’s historical sins, her people’s passionate penance for those sins — and their longing for absolution, the left has turned racism inside-out, cloaked it in virtue and weaponized it for the cause of destroying the fabric of this nation.

It starts in American schools, where teachers train children to believe that there are only innocent and guilty people. The guilty are always white because some white people owned slaves. Your granddad could have marched with MLK, or fought for fair housing. It’s irrelevant. If you are white, the Social Justice Industrial Complex has declared you guilty. The sentence? Get woke and embrace Racism 2.0.

Don’t believe me? This is a poster hanging on the wall of an English classroom at Middleton High School:

white males sucks

This was the work of a STUDENT. She regurgitated her lesson correctly: that white males are privileged–and bad.

Look at the figures. Notice the first figure. It is labeled “PERSON of color.” Beside it are the positive or sympathetic phrases: “given no chance,” “willing to help out,” “trying in work place,” “passionate,“ “low social status,” “low pay $.”

Now notice the second figure. It is labeled, impersonally “White male.” Beside it are the phrases “angry face,” “not nice,” “not caring,” “does not try,” “many opportunities” and “$.”

The teacher was so inspired by it, she hung it up — and kept it there for subsequent classes — as a lesson to other students. the lesson? Racism is OK--as long as the Social Justice Industrial Complex approves the TARGET.

But that’s not the only racist lesson being taught in Middleton High. A text from a student who is part of a leadership group that helps students at his school notes the “lesson” from his teacher-adviser:

“She went on this long tangent about how society was created for white people and how this school and our society was structured for white people. Because of that, you cannot — no way no how — be racist towards a white person,” he wrote. “According to her, white people are the dominant race while everyone else is non dominant, because of this white racism (reverse racism) is not a thing.”

“I think a lot of the students there including myself felt very uncomfortable by what she was suggesting and saying about what racism was.”

Don’t delude yourself into thinking this is just a problem in Middleton. Racism 2.0 is everywhere. Here is a notice sent out to parents from Verona Area High School on a mandatory all-day “Social Justice Youth Summit” students attended on Dec. 6.

With the VASD strategic plan as our guide, Verona Area High School is dedicated to building a strong and inclusive school culture. As part of this effort, Verona Area High School is holding its second annual Social Justice Youth Summit. This special event… is designed to engage all high school students and staff in learning about social justice topics.

Some of the sessions for students included, “What is privilege and how can I use it positively?” and “What are the consequences when free speech goes too far?”

Recently, a piece from MacIver Institute reporter Bill Osmulski exposed how the teachers in the Wisconsin technical school system are being taught to think, speak and act to promote Racism 2.0 in order to impart the lessons of privilege, inclusivity and diversity in their classrooms:

"Living Inclusively is a 20-hour course broken into four class sessions. As faculty members work towards their capstone projects, they address bias, race, ethnicity, prejudice, social discrimination, institutional discrimination, ethnocentrism, stereotypes, minority groups, dominant groups, racism, equity, and equality. One of the key classroom activities is the "privilege walk".

According to the instructor packet, “By illuminating our various privileges as individuals, we can recognize ways that we can use our privileges individually and collectively to work for social justice.”

So what matters now? Content of character? Not so much. Color of skin? Definitely.

Bill Ayers, leftist domestic terrorist and professor and adviser to President Barack Obama, channeled Josef Stalin in a speech to failed socialist dictator Hugo Chavez at the World Economic Forum in Venezuela in 2006, when he declared, “Education is the motor-force of revolution.”

Indeed. And today’s kids are the cannon fodder.

Vicki McKenna, the Queen of Conservative talk radio, hosts a daily show on NewsTalk 1130 WISN in Milwaukee and NewsTalk 1310 WIBA in Madison.

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