Madison schools ENCOURAGE kids to become alt-sexual

But for a recent story MacIver News Service from reporter Bill Osmulski, no one would ever know that Madison schools are PROMOTING alternative sexualities to children as young as middle-school age.

Osmulski reports that the Madison Metropolitan School District has posted a video featuring children in middle school and high school declaring their alternative sexualities. One student says her pronouns are "they/theirs" and that she is "non-binary". She looks to be about 14. Another middle-school age girl declares she is "pansexual", as does a middle-school age or young high school age boy. The video also features teachers boasting about the district's hands-on policy encouraging expressions of alternative sexuality.

Children don't declare themselves "pansexual" in middle school in a vacuum. But public school is anything but a vacuum when it comes to sexuality. Children don't know what pansexual even means (pan·sex·u·al /panˈsekSH(əw)əl/ adjective not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.), let alone believe they actually ARE "pansexual". That is, not unless a grown up tells them. These are grown up words. These are grown up concepts.

It's pretty clear what is going on when you watch the video. These children receive attention and accolades for declaring themselves to be anything except heterosexual boys and girls--or even actual boys or girls! Immediately upon declaring that a girl "identifies" as a boy (or vice versa)--or declares that he or she is interested in homosexuality, or other alt-sexuality, the district marshals special resources for the children. Special resource teachers shower them with special attention and rain praise upon them. No doubt, they instantly become part of a protected, and well-regarded elite in their school.

Children react positively to praise and special attention, and these GROWN UPS know it. And that's why they do it.

Leftist don't care if you don't like it. Parents are merely a problem to be solved. Their politics is more important than your children.

I had a chance to discuss Osmulski's excellent story with the ever-thoughtful Dr. Duke Pesta. Please listen below.

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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