Is my house haunted?

Take a look at this video from my home security camera. Pay attention to the lights in the far corner.

This is an LED pendant lamp I got at Costco less than a year ago. It is NOT a dimmer lamp. No one was home when this video was recorded. There is nothing on the breaker except this room and the dining room--so no overload on the breaker.

The other light you see in the foreground is also an LED light. Both lamps are plugged directly into the wall outlets.

The wiring in my house is old knob/tube.

An electrical engineer/camera buff said that the dimming of the lights was nothing more than an optical illusion caused by the frame rate of the camera (30fps) matching the cycle rate of the LED bulbs. I'm inclined to believe him.

Others say no way, it's ghosts. They say the other LED light should have done the same thing. They also point out that the lights on the lamp dimmed sequentially, and shouldn't have done that had this been a mere illusion.

So what say you, my good nerds? Ghosts or no ghosts? That is the question.

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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