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Mayville teacher reprimanded for anti-Trump "art"

This past June, residents and parents in Mayville, WI were shocked to see a vulgar, profane piece of anti-Trump protest "art" displayed prominently at a MIDDLE SCHOOL art show.   The "art" was created by a HS junior in Mayville in an art class taught by teacher Sarah Heideman.  Heideman thought the poster was super swell, and so she sent it off to the MIDDLE SCHOOL to be displayed.  

The adults loved the anti-Trump message so much, they selected it as the "winner" to be sent to an exhibit state wide.  

Read the story by Judy Steffes from Washington County Insider here:


Here is the poster displayed at the middle school:

anti trump protest art

ONLY after an Open Records Request filed by CRG's Orville Seymer did the district finally do its job and reprimand the teacher.  She'll have a reprimand on her permanent record.   

Good.  The teacher darn well knew better.  She knew the policy.  She just didn't care.  And neither did nearly everyone else.  Why?  It has nothing to do with any sort of appreciation for free speech or protest art.  The art itself was pretty standard fare and not terribly creative.  The adults in the school district simply LIKED the message because they DON'T like Trump.  

Put it to the test and prove me wrong.

Remember, the teacher was reprimanded because she encouraged a student to violate the school policy on LANGUAGE and sexual harassment.  She was NOT reprimanded because she encouraged a student to bash Trump.  

I would love to see some student create some "protest art" with a message the liberals in the district DON'T like.  See how it fares.   

What if a Mayville student in Ms. Heideman's class had created and submitted THIS picture (taken from pro life site

abortion protest art

Or this one, which causes IMMENSE OUTRAGE when it was turned into a billboard in Chicago:

Obama abortion billboard art

Would either of these pieces of "protest art", good as they are, be ALLOWED at all, never mind be sent over to a middle school art show, and picked as the "winner" to be sent to a statewide exhibit?  

Something tells me all those liberals hiding behind their misunderstanding of the First Amendment would suddenly be yelling "hate speech!" if anything like this were ever created by a student. 

Here is the original ORR by CRG's Orv Seymer and the Mayville district's letter of reprimand:

Mayville teacher reprimand
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page 3
page 4

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