Madison's IDLING BAN is here.

Having solved all of life's problems, Madison's idle progs turn their attention toward your running car...and if you don't comply, PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!

Let your car run for more than 5 minutes on public or private property, expect a ticket (beginning at $100!)You can't make this up. 

From the city of Madison "Fleet Service" division--behold the WILD and OVER THE TOP claims he makes:

From: Joishy, Mahanth Sent: Monday, January 29, 2018 10:54 AMTo: All Email Users <>Subject: STOP IDLING OUT THERE





Vehicle emissions pollute our air, lead to climate change (me: proof?), and cause illness and fatality (me: really?! People are DYING from vehicle emissions?! OMG!).  The fumes from cars and trucks contribute to brain damage, lung, heart, and other diseases at alarming rates.  (me: sure, if you're huffing the tailpipe! But since that's NOT happening, where is the data on these "alarming rates"?) Meanwhile, automakers brazenly cheat on emissions regulation tests, with Volkswagen being just one of numerous such examples of multi-billion dollar fraud in the last few decades (me: so? How does this ordinance address VW's emission's cheat?).  These are harsh realities- but we’re not helpless (me: he seems pretty helpless to me...)


We have many tools at our disposal to respond, and Madison’s fleet is going to be a model in this area as we work to innovate every day with customer agencies.  For example, in 2018 the City’s first-ever zero emission electric vehicles will roll in, along with hybrid Police cars, and the first set of Fire ambulances with anti-idling technology. 


Meanwhile, those of us who drive City vehicles and/or personal cars can perform an easy action to make every ride cleaner.  Just shut the vehicle off at the end of the trip.  Stop idling out there.  It’s dirty. Reducing idling is an easy action to (1) save fuel, (2) save taxpayer $$$ on fuel, (3) improve our community’s air quality, (4) Prevent health problems, (5) save taxpayer $$$ on healthcare, (6) prevent engine damage, (7) prevent auto repair downtime, and (8) save taxpayer $$$ on auto repair.  Our garages get too much business from city employees idling.   Nothing else we can do punches all 8 boxes so easily. 


It’s also the law (see attached ordinance and fact sheet).  The Madison Common Council in 2017 passed the anti-idling local law, which bans idling above 5 minutes for all vehicles including city vehicles, unless necessary to conduct city business.  These exemptions include idling an ambulance to run critical medical equipment, when the temperatures are below 20F or above 90F, or as part of a police enforcement.  Unlike in the past, starting and stopping newer vehicle engines do not waste fuel, or justify keeping any vehicle running. 


Fleet Service can help monitor city vehicle idling with new technology, and we will use them to address the issue.  The easiest method of all is still observation.  When I see a vehicle idling unnecessarily, I will talk to the driver.  I hope you will do the same. 


Finally, we will be distributing anti-idling posters for agencies to post in garages, parking lots, and other operational areas.   As always I welcome your input and questions.







              MORE EFFICIENT.

                      MORE SUSTAINABLE.




Mahanth Joishy

Superintendent, City of Madison Fleet Service

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