Want to know why crime is so bad in MKE Co?

You all want to know why carjackings and car thefts are on the rise in MKE and surrounding counties?  Behold EXHIBIT A:  a feckless DA's office that either can't or won't do its job.

A Germantown woman, Kim Konzal, reported her car stolen to police in August of 2017.  She found a video posted BY THE THIEVES of her car being driven around in MKE County.  In the video, you even see the thieves brag about driving a stolen car, and use the car to track down and assault an enemy of theirs.  The stolen car's license plate is clearly visible in a portion of the video.  

The car was eventually found abandoned in Milwaukee County.  The thieves live in Milwaukee County.

But that wasn't enough for the Milwaukee County DA.  Apparently, having video evidence of the thieves and a clear license plate image in the same video is INSUFFICIENT to warrant charges.  

This is malpractice.  And this, my friends, is why crime will NOT get better in MKE County.  And it's also why crime seeping out of Milwaukee and MKE County into other towns/counties near Milwaukee will not abate.  When DAs and judges reward criminal behavior, the only message the criminals get is CRIME PAYS.  When DAs and judges reward bad JUVENILE criminal behavior, the only message the juvenile criminals get is CRIME PAYS.

Any questions? 

In case you're actually feeling sorry for the wayward youths--or think it's "just kids being kids" (!!), please watch their callous disregard for other people as they steal a car and use it to hunt down & attack their enemy.  View the video here:


Here's he letter from MKE Co. DA's "victim services advocate" Merchelle Perkins-Jenkins to the victim telling her "sorry, no charges!".  


Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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