MPS sends out anti-GUN "safety" letter to parents

As has been previously documented at length by groups like EAGNews and others,  thanks to new rules from the Obama administration, schools across the country have been systematically aligning school discipline policies AWAY from punishment.  The new "guidance" from the Federal Department of Education claimed that  because the number of black children disciplined is "disproportionate" to the racial breakout of the school age population, discipline and punishment are likely RACIST in nature.   The phrase the social-justice left uses to describe this data is "disparate impact".  How have the policies worked?   The results have been nothing short of catastrophic.  The policies have become so bad, reliably leftwing teachers' union members overwhelmingly REJECT the new "race based" discipline edict (including the MADISON teachers union, MTI).   WISN's own Dan O'Donnell detailed some of the terrifying dysfunction of these new social-justice polices in his report on MILWAUKEE schools last year.

So, what's the answer the problem created by these new policies?  One would be tempted to assume that since there is a NEW president and NEW secretary of the DOE, the schools would begin to jettison these terrible polices that have created unsafe environments for both kids AND teachers.  Not so.

Schools, largely, have not moved to implement new, rational discipline policies that reduce classroom chaos, and improve safety for students (and teachers).  

Milwaukee Public Schools has some of the worst problems of any district in the country, yet instead of changing the policy, they decided that the REAL problem with safety lies in the hands of PARENTS with guns.  You read that right.  YOU, the gun-owning parent is why Milwaukee schools have safety issues.  To SOLVE the problem of YOU, MPS is asking parents not to buy their kids toy guns and NOT to allow their kids near their OWN guns.  The students of MPS also will be encouraged to report on each other in case some of the problem parents don't get with the program.  

So do the government schools a favor, will you...and just DON'T BUY YOUR KID a toy gun.   Of any kind. That should take care of EVERYTHING.  Mmkay?  Thanks.  

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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