Milwaukee Chief blames Concealed Carry for crime

I am not surprised by anything progs do.  Thankfully, I can still be galled.  Monday, Milwaukee's feckless police chief tried to blame out-state and Milwaukee lawful concealed carry license holders for his city's skyrocketing violence.  

One thing many people don't realize is that Milwaukee is actually MORE violent than Chicago.  You read that right.  Milwaukee's violent crime per capita is higher than one of the most violent cities in America's.  Mull that over for a moment.

Chief Flynn, now purely just the sock-puppet of the even more feckless machine-politician Tom Barrett knows this.  And he is desperate to place the blame ANYWHERE but on his own failed administrative policies, or Tom Barrett's refusal to prioritize public safety.  So Monday, he blamed lawful concealed carry license holders for the out-of-control crime in Milwaukee.  

Never mind Flynn is LYING about state law preventing him from knowing whether there are people committing crimes in possession of a CCL .   If he wants to know, he has the authority.  Here is the relevant language from WI statute:

Notwithstanding s. 19.35, the department of justice, the department of transportation, or any employee of either department may not make information obtained under this section available to the public except in the context of a prosecution for an offense in which the person's status as a licensee or holder of a certification card is relevant or through a report created under sub. (19). (emphasis added)

In fact, Flynn is pretty much wrong on EVERYTHING about WI's concealed carry law.  

Never mind, there is ZERO evidence that there is any negative fallout from the passage of WI's concealed carry law in 2011.  

Even when state lawmakers step in and change the law to help Milwaukee, Milwaukee's cancerous politics thwart the potential for success.  Last year, lawmakers gave Milwaukee the authority the city, and Flynn asked for to put felons in possession of guns away for longer periods of time.  Think they've even BOTHERED?  No, Milwaukee doesn't even CHARGE the crime in many cases.  

But it's the lawful CCL holder that's the problem?  Get.  Serious. 

Wisconsin lawmakers are getting sick of Milwaukee making excuses for its own failed policies and soft-on-crime culture.  Menomonee Falls Rep Janel Brandtjen is among those leading the criticism.  Yesterday, she called on Flynn to step down.  Milwaukee needs a police chief who cares about the VICTIMS of crime and stopping CRIMINALS.  

Sheriff Clarke has it right:  until the citizens of Milwaukee start giving a damn, and more state reps start acting in the best interests of Milwaukee's residents and penalizing the ineptitude of city leadership, NOTHING will change.   And until the leftwing, handmaiden press  starts looking at the government with a critical eye, the carnage will continue. 

(Listen to Sheriff Clarke from his interview w/me yesterday talking about Flynn and the total failure of Milwaukee:  Sheriff Clarke Throws Down on False Claims Made by Police Chief about Lawful Concealed Carry)

Milwaukee, you should be ashamed.  Or at least EMBARRASSED.   

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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