Milwaukee dem wants to ban guns (again)

Apparently, the anti-gun democrats have forced State Senator Lena Taylor to get her mind right about her (former) support for law abiding citizens exercising their rights to conceal-carry under ACT 35.  

Once, not long ago (2011!!!), Sen. Taylor was a passionate supporter of citizens in her hometown of Milwaukee to defend themselves from the marauding thugs that roam her city's streets without fear of police, or the city government.  

Not anymore.

Today, the good senator rolled out a package of gun control bills that would make the most ardent gun banner beam with pride.  This is a comprehensive attack on gun rights that does everything from ban semi-auto rifles, to blame lawful CCL holders in WI for her city's pathetic roll back on public safety protections.  Her measure LRB 311/1 actually demands lawful CCL holders obtain insurance to COMPENSATE victims of criminal violence for the acts of UNLAWFUL people.  

How does this reduce crime in Milwaukee?  It doesn't.  How are lawful people responsible for the unlawful acts of her city's Lord of the Flies conditions on the streets?  They're NOT.  It doesn't matter. Because Sen. Taylor has drunk her party's Kool-aid.  

The center piece is Taylor's proposal to ban "semi-auto assault weapons".  What is a semi-auto assault weapon?  No such thing.  An "assault rifle" is a military gun.  It is regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934.  In short, "assault rifles" are already highly regulated, and furthermore, they're not "semi-automatic".  They are "selective fire"--which means the user can switch the gun to one of three modes, two of them being automatic.  ( Read here, Sen. Taylor!)  No, Taylor does not want to ban "assault rifles" or even assault "weapons".  She just wants to ban semi-automatic sporting rifles that are painted black and look scary.  (I would call that a MICROAGRESSION if I were a liberal!).  So creative and inspired by her fear is she, that all she seemed to do was blow the dust off the old 94 Clinton gun ban that expired in 2004.  It almost looks like a direct cut/paste.  Talk about mailing it in.

In another piece of legislation, LRB 310/2, her change would force all people who have obtained CCLs under WI's excellent ACT 35 to undergo a mandatory 8 hours of classroom instruction and one hour of live-fire.  Remember, she voted for Senate Bill 93, which was BOTH regular permit-carry AND Constitutional Carry the first time around. 

(Recall, Gov. Walker insisted that the con-carry provision be dropped, allowing the already existing "open carry" as the single constitutional carry provision--NOT Lena Taylor).  

It doesn't matter to her, or the democrats that there are NO PROBLEMS with WI's existing law, EXCEPT that because we have not updated the law, we have created an odd problem of "accidental felonies" in our state.  

Finally, besides the gun bans, forced compensation by lawful people for crimes they didn't commit and altering our fantastically successful and safe ACT 35 Concealed Carry law for no benefit, Sen. Taylor caps her package of "reforms" with a sop to a company that can't seem to sell its technology because, well, the technology fails.  I am speaking of the failed "microstamping" experiments.  First only one company makes the technology for "microstamping".  Yes, they have lobbyists.  The reason they can't just SELL their tech widely is that it FAILS.   As in, it doesn't not WORK and it easily thwarted. 

Good grief, Lena, get a grip.  How many more years will the left tie their horses to the wagon of the big-city billionaire's Gun Control agenda?  

I have a better idea:  promote lawful concealed carry for the crime-besieged citizens of your hometown.  Reduce the barriers to get a legal CCL by passing the Craig-Felzkowski bill to improve Act 35.  And join with Rep. Jim Sanfelippo and Sen. Leah Vukmir in calling for tougher sentences for juvenile and repeat offenders.  Embrace Sheriff David Clarke's demand for tougher standards from Milwaukee county's judges.  Stand with Alderman Bob Donovan and Milwaukee Professional Police Association president Mike Crivello and call for more cops on Milwaukee streets.  And embrace Rep. Janelle Brandtjen's and others' call to hold Milwaukee politicians accountable for failure to prioritize public safety over politics

Maybe then Milwaukee will be able to realize its full potential as the economic and social engine that is supposed to drive Wisconsin, not drag it down with its constant car trouble. 

Here is the Taylor package:   

From: Sen.Taylor Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 12:09 PMTo: *Legislative All Assembly <>; *Legislative All Senate <>Subject: Co-Sponsorship of LRB 3781/1: ban on semiautomatic weapons and providing a criminal penalty

 Dear Members and Staff,

 Senator Taylor is adding LRB 3781/1 to the Gun Safety and Gun Owner Accountability Act. This bill would ban the transportation, purchase, or transfer of semiautomatic assault weapons. The following is an analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau:

 This bill bans the transportation, purchase, possession, or transfer of a semiautomatic assault weapon and specifically defines “assault weapon" for the purpose of the ban.  Under the bill, whoever transports, purchases, possesses, or transfers a semiautomatic assault weapon is guilty of a felony and may be fined up to $10,000, sentenced to a term of imprisonment of up to six years, or both.  If the crime is committed in a school zone, the maximum term of imprisonment is increased by five years.  This ban does not apply 1) to the transportation, purchase, possession, or transfer of a semiautomatic assault weapon that is rendered permanently inoperative; 2) to any law enforcement officer or armed forces or military personnel while on official duty; 3) to a licensed importer or manufacturer of semiautomatic assault weapons; or 4) to a firearms dealer who is authorized to sell semiautomatic assault weapons.

 The LRB of the bill is attached to this email.

 To be added as a cosponsor please reply to this email or call Sen. Taylor’s office at 6-5810.

 Deadline for Co-Sponsorship: June 27, 2017

From: Sen.Taylor Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 1:29 PMTo: *Legislative All Senate <>; *Legislative All Assembly <>Subject: Co-Sponsorship: Gun Safety and Gun Owner Accountability Act (LRB 0315/1, LRB 0310/2, LRB 0311/1, and LRB 0312/1)


TO:                 Members of the Wisconsin State Legislature

FROM:           Senator Lena Taylor and Representative Leon Young

DATE:            June 13, 2017

RE:                  Gun Safety and Gun Owner Accountability Act, Co-Sponsorship of LRB 0315/1, LRB 0310/2, LRB 0311/1, and LRB 0312/1.

 DEADLINE:   June 27, 2017

Gun violence and gun owner irresponsibility have imposed serious costs on our communities. Not the least of these costs include loss of life and income. Other costs include reduced public confidence in our ability to keep shared spaces, such as schools and hospitals, safe.

I am introducing the “Gun Safety and Gun Owner Accountability” package to respond to these concerns. This package aims to: make gun owners more knowledgeable about firearm risks, prevent dangerous individuals from obtaining guns, and make gun owners liable for the damages they impose on victims and our communities.

1. No fly, no buy (LRB-0315/1) – The United States Government Accountability Office reported that between 2004 and 2010, individuals on terrorist watch lists were involved in firearm or explosive background checks 1,228 times-91 percent of these transactions were allowed to proceed. My bill will limit the opportunity for those who wish to terrorize Americans to purchase firearms through legal means.

2. Improving standards for concealed carry (LRB -0310/2) – Current law does not specify duration or training requirements for concealed carry applicants. This bill would codify that applicants for concealed carry permits must participate in at least eight hours of training, including one hour of range experience.

3. Providing recourse for gun violence victims (LRB-0311/1) – Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn stated there are more guns on the street than during any time in his eight years as chief. Retired County Judge James Gramling has spoken to the necessity for action due to the economic impact gun violence has had on survivors. Gramling states “For these victims, there are months, maybe years of anguish – mental and physical. There are medical costs not covered by insurance. There are lost earnings.” This bill would require concealed carry applicants to have proof of general liability insurance of at least $800,000 to pay for injury, death, or property damage that may arise from a permit holder’s negligent use of a firearm.

4. Aiding authorities in solving gun crimes (LRB-0312/1) – All firearms leave markings on the cartridge cases they expel when fired. A new ballistics technology called “microstamping” utilizes lasers to make precise, microscopic engravings on the internal parts of a gun, such as the firing pin; so that when the gun is fired, a unique alpha-numeric code that identifies the gun’s make, model, and serial number is left on the fired cartridge. Since cartridges are far more likely to be left at the scene of a crime than a gun, these ‘fingerprinted’ casings will give law enforcement a significant new investigative tool to solve gun-related crimes. This bill would require a manufacturer in the state to include a microstamp on semiautomatic handguns.

 The LRB of each of these bills is attached to this email.

 To be added as a cosponsor please reply to this email or call Sen. Taylor’s office at 6-5810.

Deadline for Co-Sponsorship: June 27, 2017

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

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