The obvious racism of Evanston's reparations

One of the most insulting things you can say about someone is that they mean well. 

The reality is that means they don’t do well. They don’t help, they don’t improve things, but they really try. 

The plan for reparations from Evanston, Illinois means well. But it will do nothing. And worse, it should be insulting to any of the black families that the rich, mostly white liberals in Evanston claim they want to help. 

The Federalist has a write-up. 

The Evanston, Illinois City Council on Monday approved funding for reparations to be given to the city’s black residents over discrimination against their ancestors.

The plan was approved 8 to 1 and will distribute $400,000 to eligible black residents. In order to qualify, residents must provide proof that they have an ancestor who lived in Evanston between the years 1919 and 1969 who was discriminated against because of city ordinances, policies, or practices. Qualifying households will receive up to $25,000 to be put toward home repairs or property down payments.

The average home price in Evanston, Illinois is $432,000. So $25,000 isn’t even 10%. Not much help to someone buy into one of Chicago’s most affluent and progressive suburbs. 

This is obvious, even to one of Evanston’s black city council members. 

Again, back to The Federalist. 

Alderman Cicely Fleming, who was the only council member to vote against the plan, contends that she supports reparations but says that’s not what the City Council passed. Fleming says it’s a paternalistic housing plan with a reparations label that assumes black residents are incapable of managing their own finances.

That is not only the problem with reparations, but with the liberal mindset that is driving a resurgence of reparations. 

Quite simply these mostly white liberals think that black folks cannot make-it without their help, without their guidance, and without their charity. 

This is literally the racism of low expectations wrapped in a progressive dream. The liberals on the Evanston city council get to pat themselves on the back for doing something to smash racism, without having to actually do anything. This reparations is more for the city council than it is for anyone who ever faced discrimination in Evanston. 

Anyone, regardless of their color, who has a shred of self-respect should see this. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images