The impeachment hatred is not going away

There’s a question after President Trump’s second impeachment, “What now.’ The answer is simple, more of the same from Democrats. 

Democrats in Washington, D.C. are obsessed with two things: Hate and power. 

That is not going to change post-impeachment. 

Gabe Kaminsky has a piece at The Federalist:

The last four years have been revealing. The American people witnessed a Democratic Party intent on disavowing one-half of the entire country and labeling them as racist, bigoted, evil white supremacists. This sort of extreme alienation could have been foreseen, as the left was shaken like never before when they learned on election night that Americans did not admire career politician Hillary Clinton in the same fashion the ruling class did.

Impeachment 2.0 was the culmination of the disdain the Democrats had, and continue to have, for Republicans all across this nation. As Ben Shapiro phrased it in November 2020, “They don’t hate you because they hate Trump. They hate Trump because they hate you.”

They hate us. They really do. It is no longer a political disagreement. The modern Democratic Party and the modern Left hate us. They hate our guns, our pickup trucks, our lack of an Ivy League education, or our education or job training that provided a middle class living. They hate that we still believe in America, that we want America to succeed. 

That is not going to change post-impeachment. 

Neither is the Democratic appetite for power. There are already conversations about making sure Donald Trump cannot run for president again. There are conversations about criminal prosecution, or civil lawsuits. 

Nancy Pelosi and her ilk on Capitol Hill were blinded by their hatred, twice, and screwed-up on impeachment. That same hate will drive her to screw-up her next power grab, or the one after that. 

So what now after impeachment, more of the same. More hate, more attempts to steal power from a government of the people, and more disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree. 

These people hate us. And we’re going to spend the next two years at least dealing with that hate on a regular basis.

Photo Credit: Getty Images