It’s not the pot, it’s the governor

There is just something about marijuana. People who will go home and have six drinks and smoke a cigar become all kinds of preachy when there is talk about legal marijuana. 

It’s cultural, it’s generation, it’s political. There is just something about marijuana. 

Gov. Tony Evers is the latest to pitch legal weed as a social justice victory, a sales tax boom, and the right thing to do. 

"Legalizing and taxing marijuana in Wisconsin — just like we do already with alcohol — ensures a controlled market and safe product are available for both recreational and medicinal users and can open the door for countless opportunities for us to reinvest in our communities and create a more equitable state," said Evers. 

I am probably the most libertarian person on this radio station about pot. 

You wanna toke-up, mazal. I drink beer. That doesn’t make me better than someone who eats a gummy and listens to Phish. It doesn’t make me worse. 

I not only support the idea that adults can make adult decisions about their lives and bodies. I truly don’t care if you smoke pot. If you really want to, chances are you already are. 

It’s not the pot. It’s the governor.

I don’t trust Tony Evers to craft a fair and functional pot marketplace. 

This clown has screwed-up everything he’s touched. The coronavirus lockdowns, the mask mandate, the unemployment crisis, the vaccine preparation, and the vaccine rollout. All disasters because of either poor planning, no planning, or politicking. 

Gov. Evers is also the guy who refuses to work with the legislature on anything. 

He fancies himself a king. His ‘phone and pen’ approach will leave Wisconsin scared and hardened for years. 

This man, and his handlers, have proven incapable of doing the right thing for the state. Of crafting a law or a program that is fair and equitable. 

Allowing Tony Evers to oversee the launch of legal marijuana in Wisconsin would be a horrible mistake. It would be a jumbled mess of insider deals, ‘social justice’ grifts, and out and out political hardball. 

Again, it’s not the pot I’m saying ‘No’ to. It’s the governor. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images