This is how you turn anger into something worse

The Stanford Prison Experiment should be must-read material in this country. In short, the experiment showed what happens when a small group of people is given unchecked power over another group. Rules lead to resistance, which leads to crackdowns, which leads to open resistance, which leads to abuse, which leads to chaos. 

That, by the way, is how we got angry people breaking into the Capitol last week. 

The Left is pushing full steam ahead toward another Stanford moment. 

Just take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to oust members of Congress who didn’t accept the results of the November Election on the spot. 

RedState has a piece.

This section of the Fourteenth Amendment has a very specific history and meaning. It was designed to prevent people who had been federal and state officials and military officers before the Civil War but who had thrown their lot in with the Confederacy from holding such positions again unless Congress specifically granted an exception.

Words have meanings. There is no universe in which what happened last week can be construed as an “insurrection” or “rebellion” unless we go full-bore Alice in Wonderland and declare that words mean whatever the hell we decide they mean. There was literally no attempt to overthrow the government or to establish an alternative government. 

But that doesn’t matter to the new Left. Punishment is their order of the day. And they will punish anyone they can. 

Bending the definition of traitor to include someone who you disagree with politically is absurd and dangerous. That of course won’t stop Pelosi.

Here’s the basic rub. Twisting the law to punish people who you disagree with politically will only lead to more political disagreements. Trying to punish anyone who ever supported President Trump will only drive Trump supporters to harden their positions. 

This is the time when someone needs to try and find what brings us together. Instead the Left sees political power by keeping us divided. So they will do all they can to split us apart. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images