Worst. Coup. Ever.

Please stop calling this a coup. 

If what we saw at the Capitol on Wednesday was a coup, it was the worst coup ever. 

Hundreds, maybe a few thousand people broke their way into the U.S. Capitol. A handful broke into the U.S. Senate, a few others broke into Congressional offices. We have been clear here that that is not acceptable. Protesting is fine, even angry protesting. But destruction and political violence is not. 

The big newsrooms and their allies on the Left are labeling this a coup attempt by President Trump. It was not. 

No one tried to set-up a new government. No one tried to overturn Congress. The idiots who managed to get on to the Senate floor and into Nancy Pelosi’s office took selfies. One moron stole a podium. That is not a coup, that’s an Instagram post. 

Even the people who fought with Capitol cops mostly did it for the cameras. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, a lot of punches thrown and pepper spray used, but there was not effort to take control and keep it. 

Brandon Morse at RedState has a piece in a similar vein. 

The spin-off group from the pro-Trump protest that proceeded to riot inside the capitol yesterday was something shameful to behold.

Some of these people have since been identified and it’s become clear just how ridiculous the makeup of the group was. It fit the definition of “insurrection,” but watching the media you would have thought that a complete and total coup attempt and revolution was occurring.

All three elements above are just ridiculous. Storming the Capitol building accomplished nothing except generating a few memes, these rioters weren’t heroes, nor were they revolutionaries bent on toppling the government.

Wednesday was an embarrassment, pure and simple. All the idiotic elements from both sides came together and had one grand moment where they had everyone’s complete attention, be they the chest thumpers without a solid goal on the right or the sensationalist pearl-clutchers on the left. Nothing of value was accomplished.

Photo Credit: Getty Images