What happened in Washington D.C., and why

This is sad because this is not who we are as Americans. Yes, there are 1000% percent questions about absentee ballots, indefinitely confined ballots, and ballot harvesting in Wisconsin. That in no way shape or form should end with people storming the U.S. Capitol and trying to take it over. 

This is what we’ve seen for years from Antifa and the Left. Now, sadly, many Trump supporters are taking-up those tactics. 

This will stain and tarnish any legacy of President Trump, this will vindicate all of those Trump-haters who for years predicted civil war. This makes Joy Behar, Bill Maher, Bette Midler right. We will never hear the end of this. 

We need to wait to see just who is responsible here, there are quite a few on Twitter who say these are ANTIFA plants. Perhaps. But not all of them. 

We are a country of laws. We are a country of elections. Sometimes you lose those elections. We don’t resort to the strongest man standing gets the power. That is how it is done in some third world hell hole. 

If you are a supporter of President Trump this should bother you. It should be sickening to watch people toss away four years of economic reforms, the righteous fight against the swamp, and a return to American values tossed away. 

I am sad to have seen what happened in Washington D.C. Just sad. It hurts, not just because I have supported this president for four years, but because this is how it ends?

I said back in 2016 that then-candidate Trump needed to use his big boy words. He needed to be clear with the more agitatable members of the Trump Train about what is acceptable. This is not acceptable. This is first six months Trump just spouting-off because he gets applause. 

This is simply a sad day for the country.

Photo Credit: Getty Images