Public schools in Wisconsin are failing

It is now painfully obvious why Gov. Tony Evers’ coronavirus relief plan includes a provision that cancels school district report cards for the year. 

The truth about public schools and the coronavirus is coming out. And all parents should be shocked. 

During a hearing yesterday, Senator Van Wanggaard said Racine schools were one of 13 that offered no online learning last spring. There are nearly 18,000 kids in Racine schools. Not a single one of them learned anything when the district shutdown last spring. It’s questionable that they are learning anything this year either. 

And it’s not just Racine schools. Again, 13 others didn’t offer any online classes. Other schools offered classes but didn’t grade any of the work. 

Racine’s public health boss still refuses to allow students and even teachers into school buildings. Think of this, the virus is so dangerous that teachers cannot be allowed into an empty school building to teach kids who are supposed to be learning from home. 

It’s been said time after time, there is perhaps no group of ‘essential workers’ who have thrown away more credibility with the public than public school teachers. 

It’s not the teachers. Most teachers want to work, and they understand that teaching in-person is best for kids. 

It is the teachers’ unions. 

The unions only care about themselves. This is fact. If kids learn something, great, no one will actively stop them. But for the unions schools are about jobs, donations, and political power. The only way that is going to change is if enough parents (particularly in union-heavy school districts) decide they have had enough. Unless and until that happens, more schools will remain closed and more kids will fail and be failed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images