I am worried about the Left after Election Day

This is what happens when you surround yourself with hate for four years. Liberals, progressives, and much of the modern-Left have gone off the deep end.

Four years ago they were worried that Donald Trump would not concede the election. Now, Hillary Clinton is saying that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede under any circumstances.

Three years ago, the Left was worried that President Trump wanted a military parade as a way to ensure his presidency for life. Now, Democrats are game-planning a coup.

Just a few years ago there was a women's march, now there is violence in the streets. And that violence will likely only get worse.

From Johnathon Tobin at the New York Post:

"After a summer of (ahem) “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests that unleashed violence and looting in American cities, most recently in Rochester, is there a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that the same combination of elite liberals, criminal thugs and Antifa Marxists would be deployed to burn and destroy the moment it appears that Trump might be winning?

Behind all that high-minded talk from pompous columnists about virtuous patriots stopping Trump from cheating is a brazen threat. They’re saying in effect: The same forces that have wreaked havoc in the name of a false charge that America is an irredeemably racist nation may well inflict even worse damage in order to ensure that Trump’s re-election is thwarted."

If the polls are wrong (yeah you heard that correctly) then President Trump will win re-election in November. We will see if that threat is made real.

But how can it not be? These people have festered and fumed for four years. For many their daily life is centered around their hate of the president. Four years ago Trump ‘snuck-up’ on American. The Left has spent the past four years painting him as everything from a buffoon to a Russian spy to the most dangerous man in America. They have become unhinged.

If, when?, he winds again I am worried that these people will not be able to contain themselves.

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