Wisconsin's coronavirus hospitalizations, and the effort to scare us

There is a lot of attention on the number of people being treated in the hospital for the coronavirus in Wisconsin. And there is a reason for that.

Wednesday's numbers from the state's Department of Health Services show 413 people hospitalized, and 139 people in the ICU.

That has the attention of most news outlets in Milwaukee, and even the governor of Illinois.

And while 413 hospitalizations is an increase from last week, it is not a sudden spike that changes the reality of the virus in Illinois.

But there are people who are trying to use those number to change the narrative.

Wisconsin's coronavirus numbers have been improving for weeks. Testing shows a huge increase in the number of negative tests, and DHS reports more and more people are being declared recovered.

That is why there is this sudden focus on hospitalizations. It is the one measuring stick that nannies, ninnies, and the keep-things-closed types can point to to try and keep use scared.

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