There is a reason why Democrats are obsessed with mail-in voting

Democrats are coming to live by Rahm Emanuel's words "Don't let a good crisis go to waste."

Even if that means creating a crisis.

There is a reason why Democrats are pushing so hard for mail-in voting.

The most basic reason is that Democrats continue to try and crate as many voters as possible. Even if some of those voters shouldn't be voting.

As we saw in Wisconsin last month, vote by mail can be gamed to get around the state's voter ID law. (That's another long-term, goal of Democrats.)

Voting by mail also adds to the confusion about who is, and who should not be on the state's voter rolls.

A piece at The Federalist points out that Democrats are also fixated on mail-in voting because of the chaos that it will create in November (and beyond.)

Game of Thrones minted the line that 'Chaos is a ladder.' That sounds similar to Rahm Emanuel's words that Democrats seem to be living by now.

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