It's time to fight or die.

There are no rules in a street fight.

Elbows, biting, head butting, and of course punches and kicks are all acceptable when it is an all-out brawl.

Democrats in Washington D.C. are proving that with their approach to remove President Trump from office.

Russian collusion, Stormy Daniels, the Ukrainian call, his hotel profits, his tone when speaking to allies and enemies, and just the fact that Democrats don't like him are all fair game in the effort to undue the 2016 election.

Mollie Hemingway nails this in her piece at The Federalist. She says it's time to fight, or the Republican Party will die.

Democrats are using any and everything at their disposal in their coup attempt, but so many 'respectable Republicans' are refusing to fight back.

By their own admission, this is an effort to resist President Trump. Not offer another vision. A resistance.

So what is the alternative that Republican are offering? What is the response that the party needs to offer. Simple. Republicans need to stand-up and fight for the one half of this country that voted for President Trump. Stand-up to the bullies and beltway insiders who are trying their best for a swamp-rules mentality upon the rest of the country. Fight with every ounce of strength.

Because if Republicans allow the Democrats of 2019 to invalidate the 2016 election, there won't even be a fight in 2024.

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