A lynching by any other name.

In 2019 only certain people can say certain words.

President Trump learned that lesson this week when he called the impeachment process a lynching.

Democrats, as you would expect, exploded. They accused the president of intentionally race bating the process, and downplaying some of the worst times in American history.

Never mind the repeated use of 'lynching' to describe other political scandals over the past few years.

This is essentially comes down to 'Orange Man Bad!'

But, beyond the obvious hypocrisy, there is a cultural phenomenon of putting some words off-limits. The word police want to limit the arguments you can make by limiting the words you can use. If your vocabulary is limited, so are the ideas that you can express.

Make no mistake, the outrage over the word lynching is more about the president's accurate description of the rush to judgement, and demand for vigilante justice from Democrats than it is over racism.

A lynching by any other name is still a lynching.

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