We live in the age of the mob.

If you want something in Milwaukee or Madison, just grab a bunch of like-minded radicals and scream.

That's the lesson this week from the profiles in courage that run Milwaukee's Common Council and Madison's school board.

Milwaukee's so-called leaders walked away from a $60 million development that would have meant 250 jobs. Sure it was a slaughterhouse, but beggars and choosers.

The protesters were upset about the potential smell, rather they don't want you to eat meat.

Madison school leaders opened the door to at least a half dozen lawsuits this week when they added some tolerance for the n-word to their zero tolerance policy. Madison's superintendent rescinded Marlon Anderson's firing a few days after 1,000 students walked out of class.

Leaders should be open to changing their minds, and should be open to listening to their voters. But the push in both cases was driven by the mob mentality. The idea that he who shouts loudest wins.

This is not the how the country is supposed to be run. This is not good for the Republic. But, sadly, this is where we're at.

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Photo Credit: Fox 6

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