Madison schools are teaching the wrong lesson about the n-word

What is the lesson that Madison schools are teaching this month?

The school district is moving to fire security guard Marlon Anderson after he used the n-word while trying to tell a student not to do the same.

Students protested, Cher got involved, and now there is a 'conversation' about that word in Madison.

But all of the attention on Anderson is misplaced. He will lose his job, and he should. Not because of what he said. But because Madison schools have fired or pushed-out a half dozen other teachers and school workers for doing the same.

The focus on Anderson is misplaced because there is not enough focus on the student. This is a student who was disruptive, disrespectful, and fighting. Will there be any punishment for them? Don't hold your breath.

Madison schools are 100% bought-in to Victimhood 101. This student is the victim, their theory goes, and therefore cannot be guilty of any wrongdoing. Madison schools just got done fighting to remove police officers from school as to shield these student/victims.

Schools are supposed to teach lessons. What lesson are they teaching in Madison?

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Photo Credit: Fox 47

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