Why is Andrew Yang not doing better?

It's a good thing that the fix is in.

The big newsrooms (CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc) are in the bag for Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders could still win, but that's as much a reflection of Biden and Beth's weaknesses as anything else.

For conservatives and Trump supports that is a good thing.

Because if the big newsrooms gave all of the 2020 candidates a chance, some of them could actually win.

Andrew Yang is one of those.

Yang is an entrepreneur, he talks about jobs, and he is not as far to the left as most of the rest of the field. Yang is as close to a throwback Democrat as you can find in 2020. He talks about the coming wave of automation, and the silliness of a federal jobs guarantee.

Those used to be the kind of conversations that matter in the race for president. But not anymore.

And we as conservative voters should be happy about that.

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