Learning to cook is now classist and unfair to poor people.

The biggest difference between conservatives and liberals is their view of personal responsibility.

Conservatives, by and large, believe that we are in charge of our own lives. We live and die by our choices. And we are responsible for our successes and failures.

Liberals, by and large, reject personal responsibility. The believe the government can/should take care of everything. The man or the system is to blame for your problems. And, as President Obama said, your successes are not yours.

That is a dangerous line of thinking. And it is getting worse.

The latest example of the rejection of personal responsibility comes from The Huffington Post in a piece that says telling people to cook is classist.

The author says low income families cannot and should not be expected to cook their own meals, because who has time for that. The piece goes on to say it's upper-middle class privilege to assume everyone has a sharp knife and a cutting board.

When we can't expect people to cook their own meals, take care of their own families, budget their own money, then what can we expect? For liberals they expect nothing. The idea is to do nothing until someone, mostly big poppa government, comes along and does everything for you.

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