Capitalism is great. It's about time the Journal Sentinel learns that.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel doesn't understand capitalism.

Or maybe, the paper simply doesn't like it.

Either way, the paper continues to miss the mark in its reporting on businesses and the economy. The latest example is a screed about how CEO's are making so much more money than average workers. The idea that the paper is pushing is essentially that CEO's are greedy, and workers are being taken advantage of, all in the name of profits.

That's wrong.

CEO's get paid what they do to guide companies that make our lives better. Steve Jobs became a billionaire because of Apple, but he didn't steal that money. He gave us the iPhone, the improved Mac, and countless other innovations.

The dead tree never highlights those benefits of capitalism.

Again, it may be that the paper is lazy or doesn't understand how the capitalist system works. But it is starting to look more and more like the paper simply doesn't like capitalism. And that's a shame, because capitalism and the free market have given us so much over the past 250 years.

Capitalism is great. Because it is amoral and unfair.

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