With Republicans like these...

The state of Wisconsin is on pace to spend the same amount in its new state budget as the state of Illinois.

Both states are looking at $40 billion budgets that spend more on schools, roads, state employees, and healthcare.

The difference is that Republicans are driving the bus on spending in Wisconsin.

The state's budget writing panel, the Join Finance Commission, has spent weeks stripping-out Gov. Tony Evers' budget proposals and inserting theirs in the next state spending plan.

So far, the tally for new spending is over $1 billion. It's not the $6 billion that Gov. Evers wanted, but it's still more money than Wisconsin has ever spent.

Republicans in Madison have, so far, not been pressed on their spending spree. And chances are they won't be. Many reporters at the Capitol want to see the state spend more.

Maybe voters back home will ask the question about state spending. But, by then it will most likely be too late.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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