We need dodgeball

"Dodgeball is a game of violence, exclusion, and degradation," a wise man once said.

And unfortunately some sad sack Canadian researchers didn't get the joke.

There's a new research paper making the rounds that calls for a ban on kinds throwing rubber balls at each other because it reinforces privilege.

“If you practice ganging up on people, over time you’ll esteem ganging up on people,” one of the researchers said. “If that’s what you want, then dodgeball is an excellent tool to that end.”

All of that from a game played in gym class?

We need more dodgeball in 2019. Just like we need monkey bars, and kids who skin their knees, and children who play outside on their own.

We have taken protecting children's feelings too far. We now trying to protect kids from the realities of life.

If young people can't take getting hit in the butt with a rubber ball, how will they handle the realities of work? If it's bullying to team-up, how can we expect young people to learn to work with others? If anything that isn't sitting quietly is considered violence, how will our young people ever be strong enough to do anything but sit quietly?

Failure is a much better teacher than success. Dodgeball is a much better teacher than a share circle.

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