Venezuelan inflation to hit 1-million percent!

  It is hard to even imagine this, but according to a new estimate from the International Monetary Fund, the inflation rate in Venezuela will hit 1-million per cent by December.  That's ONE MILLION per cent! Venezuela's cash is so worthless already that people have been using it as toilet paper, since it's next to impossible to find, and others use it to weave baskets and purses they can sell in neighboring Columbia for currency that has some value.  The monthly minimum wage is 5-million Bolivars a month, but at the official exchange rate that's only 41 dollars. At the black market rate, which is a real reflection on the value of the currency, that comes to less than 3 dollars.  Half a carton of eggs, when you can find them, costs just under 2 million Bolivars! VENEZUELA'S SOCIALIST PARADISE IS BURNING

The Morning Briefing


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