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What about the 25th amendment?

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-10-24 6:10am

A few listeners have asked: why isn’t anyone talking about the 25th amendment?

Or- different version of the question: why aren’t republicans talking about removing Biden with the 25th amendment?

The answer to both questions is: they really ‘are’, but only so seriously.

Let’s take the second question first: why republicans aren’t demanding Biden be removed via the 25th amendment, after all, liberals all thru the trump era kept insisting it should be used on trump.

The answer to the question is a two-parter:

First- because republicans -don’t really want-to replace joe Biden this close to the end of his term and given how badly he’s failing.

Why would house and senate republicans want to ‘clear the deck’ for a different democrat by goading Biden’s cabinet members into using the 25th amendment?

And second: the 25th amendment doesn’t really apply here. At least not cleanly, and so, it’s of more benefit for GOP congressmen to .... kind of...keep bringing it suggest to the public that Biden’s regime has ‘options’ here that it’s not using-

As in they could remove this doddering kook if they wanted to but aren’t.

However, the truth is- it’s constitutional ‘vague’ ground Biden’s cabinet members would be wandering into...

And as for the more generic ‘why is no one talking about the 25th amendment?’ meaning-media or Biden’s democrat detractors-

Again-they sort of are. Some of them-have been-but only around the edges-

Again-because it would be so messy.

Yesterday, treasury secretary Janet Yellen, who-herself, only seems to be a year or two away from collecting cats along the train tracks-

Said that ‘they’, meaning Biden’s cabinet members, haven’t even discussed the 25th amendment.

And i believe her. They likely haven’t.

In part, because they are all lefty loyalists-first-and know they couldn’t’ get all of them to agree to remove Biden...

And second.... because they are all lefty loyalists- they don’t want to create a constitutional crisis-which is what they would be doing-and right before an election-if they pulled this stunt.

Folks-it’s so ‘unclear’ as to whether the 25th amendment applies to a situation like this that -if Biden’s cabinet members tried it- I have no doubt that the Bidens and his regime would turn around and sue them over it-taking it all to the dc and supreme courts-trying to stop Biden’s own cabinet members from forcing them out-

Do the dems really want that sort of mess just weeks before the voting starts?

It amounts to a move to implode the party. There’s no way the cabinet members are touching this, now.

And so, that’s why no one is talking about the 25th amendment-even though the democrats and their leftist accomplices couldn’t’ seem to stop talking about it in the trump era-even though it never applied to him-either.

At least in this instance, you can make a legit argument that it applies to a president in cognitive decline.

But it was really mean to cover a president who was physically ailing and/or incapacitated or dying.

Moreover- joe Biden doesn’t -himself- admit he’s incapacitated. If he was admitting that-I’ve got Lewy Body dementia and shouldn’t be doing this-

The 25th might more clearly apply-


But-if Biden was admitting that, he’d just resign willingly and turn the keys over to Kami, right?

But the 25th doesn’t seem to cover a president like Biden. When there’s still some argument and ‘grey area’ as to whether he’s really ‘mentally incapacitated’.

I mean- define that word: incapacitated.

Is that a word that seems to fit joe Biden today?


Not really, right? If we’re being honest?

The man seems to know where he is. He seems to be able to follow along...and is responsive. It’s not a total potato.

And it would then take the vice president and most of his cabinet members to declare him ‘incapacitated....

Even though all these people owe their positions to Biden and have some amount of loyalty to the man.

And folks-even if a president’s cabinet members shove him out using the 25th-he can appeal to congress-and  the bar is set so high for congress to ‘validate’ the cabinet member’s findings that this, too, is impossible given today’s situation.

The editors of the Wall St Journal correctly call this amendment ‘political catnip’ to the pundits and the uninitiated. But in doesn’t really apply here.

That’s why more people aren’t talking about it-

At least not seriously.

I see house speaker Mike Johnson claimed it would apply to Biden, yesterday, but only after he was asked about a different lawmaker’s resolution calling on Biden’s’ cabinet members to use it.

Chip Roy drafted the bill-i assume- simply to tweak the democrats and ratchet up the stakes for the democrat side-

I assume he’s not serious about it: I don’t think Roy is dumb enough to-want-Biden out of the election at this point.

And as proof that the republicans are just poking at any sore spot to ratchet up the pressure on the democrats-

Even as Johnson is saying the 25th applies, one of his right-hand men, majority leader Steve Scalise, is saying that if the dems force Biden out-they are throwing out the votes of the 14-million Americans who voted for joe in the primary.

When asked about Biden- congressional republicans are just jerking around the media and making life difficult for the democrats any way they can-

Which is great. It’s what they-should-be doing.

Expose what hypocrites and liars these democrats are-every chance that a reporter gives you.

Because-as i said yesterday- now that the dems have retreated and Biden’s likely to stay on the ticket- all of this will quickly be ‘memory holed’ by the same left wing accomplices and dem lawmakers who have admitted-over the last 12 days-that Biden isn’t fit to serve and should drop out.

Yesterday, after the dem’s house meeting, nearly every democrat who has been calling on Biden to drop out of the election- is suddenly back to saying ‘he’s our nominee and i support him’.

They’re slippery cowards.

Of course, they are. They’re democrats.

And the MSM accomplices will fall back in line, too, at least until Joe’s next embarrassment on the national or international stage-

And- they’ll all try to move on-and gaslight Americans again-between now and November-into believing that ‘Biden is fine’.

But this is a bell that cannot be unrung, folks.

No one in America-anymore- is going to be inclined to believe the media members who have just been caught lying to them for three years.

They can resume spinning the false narratives and the ‘energetic Joe’ mullarkey, but no one’s going to buy it.

And so, instead, what they are being instructed to do-is focus all of their attention and their fire-back on trump. 

You could tell-just by the comments that most of these lawmakers were giving to reporters after yesterday’s house meeting-that they had been given new marching orders from leadership: you got to go out and do interviews and pivot the media heat back onto trump.

Democrats are not going to admit that they have known for years that he has dementia and has not really been doing this job-

And so-their deepest investment is now- continuing the cover up.

If Joe won’t get out. We got to get back to lying about him-and his condition.

photo credit: Getty Images

audio version of the segment here > What about the 25th amendment?

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