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The left's misinformation on the immunity ruling is laughable

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-2-24 6:10am

My friends-the level of misinformation and hyperbole surrounding the supreme court’s decision on presidential immunity is so insane-that I’m bringing in an expert, this morning.

The great Rick Eisenberg will join me at 8:30 to walk us thru this decision on presidential immunity-and what it ‘does’ and ‘does not’ say-

And i also want to ask him about the chevron decision- to try to knock down the left-wing alarmism and lies related to that ruling, on Friday.

But- wow- the whiney, alarmist, bullying, lying democrats were in ‘rare form’ yesterday, on social media and doing interviews- after this presidential immunity decision came down.

And i heard ‘nothing but lies’ coming out of their mouths.

This ruling-does not-give president Trump blanket immunity on any ‘crimes’ he might have committed.

This ruling-does not- allow any future president to get away with murder or other crimes or shoot their political opponents dead in the streets-just because he’s holding the position of ‘president’.

This ruling- does not- turn a US president into an unaccountable king- as dimwits like Sonya Sotomayor wanted to argue.

Heck-this decision doesn’t even end Donald Trump’s federal-or state-court cases. It just makes him harder to prosecute for Jack Smith and Merrick Garland.

And so-any analysis you saw that claimed ‘the court gave trump everything he wanted’ is bullcrap.

They didn’t, and Trump isn’t ‘off the hook’ on those federal prosecutions because of it.

The truth is: since these are purely ‘political’ prosecutions the leftists and democrat loudmouths were raging against the fact that this now makes it very unlikely that either of the federal cases will go to trial before election day.

That’s what they were really in a rage about: because Trump’s federal prosecutions don’t just ‘go away’ now. Biden and Garland and the rancid democrats can still move forward with them-

It just won’t be before the election- which erases 90 percent of the reasons that they even brought the bogus charges.

This ruling-did- confirm that a president as ‘broad legal immunity’- but only when it comes to crimes or violations of the law that he might have committed in the act of performing his ‘official acts’.

For example: Barrack Obama- could- legally drone and kill a group of ISIS fighters, killing an American who was with them-and not be prosecuted for ‘murdering an American’ back here at home-

But-Barrack Obama-could not legally- have droned and killed Mitt Romney to eliminate his competition in 2012.

The motivation behind that act wouldn’t fall under his ‘official duties...or requirements. Of running the country’.

And so-does trump get immunity from any charges or claims that he violated the law while trying to delay the election results from being certified? 

Yes. He very likely does. But does that mean he can’t be prosecuted for other, ‘personal’ criminal actions that he might have taken as president?


It is much more ‘limiting’ than the ‘headline’ decision suggests, or that raging leftists want to admit.

It was, in truth, a responsible decision that protects Joe Biden and all future presidents-moving forward-as much as it protects Donald Trump.

As one poster on ‘X’ put it-an alternate headline could easily be: US Supreme Court protects Joe Biden from lawfare retaliation if Trump wins re-election.

Yep. It also does that.

It will keep trump and the republicans from dreaming up all sorts of ‘crimes’ to charge joe Biden with once he’s out of office. Yes.

But the leftists only want to smear and malign this Supreme Court-because they don’t like most of the -correct and constitutional-rulings that they make.

One of the attorneys who helped bring the case-slammed the liberal justices-saying this should have really been a 9-zero unanimous case.

It’d be awesome of Biden-did-face criminal charges for the numerous ways he’s destroyed the country.... but.... he cannot be and won’t be.

This ruling protects-and puts limitations on-presidents from both sides and from all sides of the political divide.

It was the ‘good’ and ‘expected’ ruling.

But-given how today’s dems want to smear and malign this court-just because conservatives control it and they want to control everything-

The decision was very unfairly mischaracterized and slammed by the democrats.

And Chuck Schumer knows how scummy and de-legitimizing his attacks on the court are. He knows what a danger to the republic it is- to convince half of America that they don’t need to listen to-or follow-any of the supreme court decisions that they don’t like-

This really is a dangerous and rancid game today’s democrats are playing...

But then there are democrats like AOC who are just idiots-and make themselves look even dumber when they suggest that we need to start ‘impeaching and removing’ supreme court justices.

This was AOC’s big ‘take’ on the ruling, yesterday. When she gets back to dc-she’s going to draft impeachment articles against these conservative supreme court justices.

Folks, AOC can’t spell ‘impeachment’, much less understand the process, or where and when it’s appropriate.

Until she was elected to congress-back in her bartending days- she thought ‘impeachment’ was a flavored schnapps.

So, that’s not happening, either.  

Neither Hakeem Jefferies, nor Chuck Schumer, will let her embarrass herself and the party that way-so- don’t take that seriously.

Regardless of how much democrats whined-and regardless of how many lies they invented, yesterday.

Several members of the dimwitted leftist media over on CNN and MSNBC- were insisting that this ruling meant that this ruling meant a president could kill someone-

Even kill his political opponent-and not be charged with murder.

That’s bologna. Murder isn’t one of a president’s quote ‘core constitutional responsibilities’, so they wouldn’t be immune.

I some leftist in your office is spouting that, today, shut ‘em down. They’re dopes.

Oh-and another part of this ruling that didn’t get much attention yesterday- was a concurring opinion in which Clarence Thomas went further-

And specifically suggested jack smith is not a constitutionally assigned ‘special investigator’, and as such, he’s essentially shouldn’t be prosecuting a former president.

Some of you know that this has been an issue for many months-that the Biden admin, Merrick Garland, and the media -at large- refuse to address: the fact that jack smith was not a properly hired-and placed- investigator.

Merrick garland cut constitutional and procedural corners-and as such-Jack Smith shouldn’t even be leading this case.

This gives some weight to the argument that trump and his team have been making in this regard: this clown, jack smith, is in charge of two federal cases against Donald Trump-the Jan sixth case and the stolen documents case- and legally- he shouldn’t be in charge of either of them.

Expect to hear more on that in the coming days and weeks-too.

photo credit: Getty Images

audio version of the segment here > The left's misinformation on the immunity ruling is laughable 

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