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Biden handlers admit he's only good for about 6 hours a day

Jay Weber Show transcript 6:40am 7/1/24

As the mad scramble was going on the democrat side of the aisle this weekend- with some camps meeting to find a way to shove Joe Biden off the ticket...and others meeting to find a way to boost Joe’s campaign and keep him viable....

As all of that was going on: the Biden campaign and white house were trying to do damage control and use their accomplices in the MSM to put out new narratives and ‘talking points’ that they hoped would ‘explain away’ Joe Biden’s awful debate performance.

And- honest to God, people- one of the ‘spins’ the Biden team came up with was to -essentially admit- Joe Biden only has maybe six hours of energy: only has maybe ‘six hours of stamina and focus on him’...before he sundowns each day.

And I must gloat a little today, folks, because several of my ‘long time narratives’ on this show are turning out to be accurate. I’m certain that some of the insider information that i pass along to you on any given day is simply not ‘believed’ by certain members of the audience.

It's a given that when i said, “Jill Biden is the one who’s really calling the shots on this second run and she’s the one who would really need to be convinced’.... It’s a given that the dems in the audience simply didn’t believe me, and/or thought i was making that up.

Nope. Verified this weekend.

This is another one: we’ve known for months that Joe Biden can only be ‘present’ and ‘with it’ between ten am and four pm...then needs to fly off to Delaware every Thursday night to spend a long weekend.

I’ve been saying this-forever- as Biden’s team and talking heads have insisted he’s the hardest working man ever to sit in the white house.

So-do you know what one of ‘team Biden’s’ pivots was, this weekend?  to admit that they try to limit joe to working only six hours a day-between ten and four-because otherwise he gets ‘weak and wonky’....

And so...geez...that debate was late at you saw the ‘Biden after sundown’.

I kid you not. After two years of insisting that there’s only one Joe Biden and he’s focused and energetic and sharp as a tack behind the scenes....

These a-hole liars in the White House are now saying ‘there are two Joe Biden's, and you got to understand it’s the energetic one who is running the country between ten and four before he sundowns’.

Honest to God-

That was the Biden team’s spin on Saturday-to Axios-one of their reliably leftist media outlets they leak to. From Axios’ report:

Top aides shielded Biden from staff, but couldn't hide the debate

So, we, the American people? Are supposed to feel better about Joe Biden only being ‘fully functional’ for six hours a day?

Come on.

For three years Biden’s supporters and staffers have been lying to us-as they have hidden all of his limitations from us- or at least tried to.

Both mental and physical limitations. They’ve repeatedly lied about both-even as they had him using the ‘short stairs’ and changed out his shoes to light, orthopedic ones. Even as they started to have a gaggle of staffers walk between him and the cameras....

Hell-up until last week-they were insisting that any video that showed a confused or sundowning Joe Biden was faked. 

But the ‘freak out’ by these media members, leftist talking heads, and democrat donors and insiders was ‘very real’ on Thursday night and Friday-following that debate.

Already, three days later, they are working to put the toothpaste back in the tube and insist that we ‘didn’t really see what we all just saw’ on Thursday.

No, joe just had a bad night: didn’t he read that speech off the teleprompter on Friday forcefully? Wasn’t that great? See? That was ‘midday’ and joe was fine’....

All of that crap is already starting, as the Biden and Obama teams are coaxing their accomplices in the MSM and on the talking head shows-back in line.

It’s pathetic.

The truth is: Biden’s campaign ads were blaming each other and pointing figures for Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

Some ludicrously claimed their mistake was that they had ‘over prepared’ him. He had too much information in his head, and they should have given him less to memorize and more rest.

Folks-did that look like a man to you, on Thursday night, who had ‘too much information’ in his head?

Did that guy-with his vacant stare and his open mouth- look like a guy who was ‘over-prepared’ for the moment?

That’s the excuse?

Along with well, you got to understand, this is a guy who can only really work for about six hours. We keep all the important stuff for between ten and two.


Well then, China had better invade Taiwan between ten and two-east coast time.

That ‘three am phone call’ that Hillary Clinton made a ‘basic standard’ for any president...had better be rescheduled for between ten and the Biden era.

The quote from Biden’s aides to Axois is-literally-what I have been telling you for two years.

Now-add into that-the fact that Biden’s only in dc for four days a week. They fly to Delaware nearly every weekend and even the left-wing news outlets that keep track of such things say that joe Biden has spent 40 percent of his time as president-on vacation.

Come on. The president of the United States is literally working half of the time that an ordinary worker in the US is working. No kidding.

I believe it was Ben Shapiro who said- would any American want to hire someone to run their company who would only work between ten and four...and then take long weekends every weekend?

This is who, ‘we the people’ hired to run this country and the free world in 2020. We’d be morons to do it a second time.

According to one poll i ran across this weekend: six in ten undecided democrats said the party needs to replace joe Biden...after that debate.

And so, these were democrat leaning voters. They clearly-want- to be able to vote for the democrat party’s candidate without reservations...

And they don’t want to vote for Joe Biden.

They also must feel duped by an accomplice media whose members have been lying to them for three years-

And as Charles Cooke puts it- we, the people, also need to ask ourselves ‘what else’ the left-wing media has been lying about.

People in this country-especially democrats! -should be angry that they’re being lied to-every day and routinely- not just by the democrat leaders, but also by the MSM outlets.

story credit: Axios
photo credit: Getty Images
audio version of the segment here > Biden handers admit he's only good for about 6 hours a day

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