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Thomas can't compete in women's Olympics

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-13-24

Lia Thomas and fake chicks like her won’t be able to screw up the women’s Olympics.

There’s some good news on ‘men in women’s sports’ in two regards, today, and this is the first.

Trans-swimmer Lia Thomas had appealed to the court that arbitrates international sports competitions after she was banned from international and Olympic competitions, but the court of arbitration for sport said no.

And they didn’t even spent time on the case because they found Lia Thomas to be ineligible to bring the appeal.


Because they have a rule on transgender women that says if they have gone thru male puberty-they are barred from women’s competitions. And Lia Thomas went thru puberty as William Thomas.

And so, this is good news for all women and girls-globally-who are competing for medals in the Olympics.

William Thomas was a ‘good’ but not ‘great’ or ‘elite’ male swimmer. He changed his name and became Lia without transitioning in any noticeable way-aside from growing her hair long-and started to dominate women’s college swimming.

I support a ruling that says he can’t ruin the experience for Olympians born female at birth who have been training and sacrificing their whole lives to represent their countries in the Olympics and hopefully win an Olympic medal.

This is the right decision by the international court of sports arbitrators.

Then there’s the news that a federal judge in Texas has blocked president Biden’s ludicrous ‘rewrite’ of title nine.

photo credit: Getty Images

audio version of segment here > Thomas can't compete in women's Olympics

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