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The left destroys the environment to claim we're going green

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-13-24 6:10am

This might be-the- most under-covered story of the week.

On Monday, my friends, a solar energy company that got a billion dollars from the Biden and Obama administrations is going to build a massive solar farm in California- started cutting down 23-hundred acres of beloved and ‘endangered’ Joshua trees.

As many as 5-thousand rare Joshua trees- that only grow in this region of the country- could be slaughtered...and yet...have you heard anything about this?

And how is this ‘environmentally friendly?

Desert and nature lovers are going bonkers over it-but hey- this is what the leftists asked for-so, the chainsaws and bull dozers are moving in, so we’ve got environmentalists battling the real ‘eco-zealots’ out there, who are -by God- going to transition us to green energy if it destroys the environment entirely.

Many of these trees are at least 100 years old, but hey, the company says this solar project will generate power for 180-thousand homes.

They want that to ‘sound’ like a lot to the average person-but it’s not.

Folks-only larger nuclear plant can provide electricity to a million homes. A medium-sized gas or coal powered plant can provide energy to hundreds of thousands of homes. And the environmental footprint on those other options is ’acres’. Maybe 20 to 40 acres? Including offices and parking?

This solar farm in kern county is going to destroy 23-hundred acres of natural desert. It is going to destroy five thousand or more endangered Joshua trees...and it’s only going to power 180-thousand homes?

That is-not- a reasonable -or smart-trade off, folks.

Oh-and an endangered desert tortoise is ‘effed’, too.

The locals say the local, state, and federal governments have done a complete flip-flop on protecting an endangered desert tortious that calls this area home....after years of effort and emphasis put on it.

One local teacher says- they are destroying the environment to save the environment.

Yep. That’s today’s left.

This isn’t the first solar or wind farm that has cleared out endangered species and gobbled up thousands of acres- only to keep killing birds and other wildlife once it’s built.

But this is what ignorant nobs who think they know best consider ‘going green’.

Manmade climate change is still a myth. The data-over decades-continues to prove it. Historical records and writings dating back 6- and 800-years catalog weather that was just as extreme as we are seeing now-or worse.

This is still all a politically driven farce by global leftists who find it a great way to ‘control the masses’ and inflict their moronic will on the rest of us....

And once these natural wonders like the Joshua tree or the desert tortious are gone-they’re gone for good.

Meanwhile, these solar farms may-or may not-work out as expected...but one thing we can already tell you is that they-and the wind farms-never actually produce as much energy as promised. The eco-zealots and the greedy contractors always oversell the efficiency and productivity of these things-

And so- I’ll guarantee you now that -if they are promising this 23-hundred acre solar farm powers 180-thousand homes when it’s done-the actual number will be far less than that. 

These solar and wind farms are always oversold and disappointing later.

It’s this era’s ‘monorail’ or ‘light rail’. The leftists tricked all sorts of communities into investing in those expensive boondoggles in the 90s and early 2000s. Now the slippery ‘monorail’ salesmen have moved into overselling wind and solar projects to ignorant, but well meaning, dopes.

It would be far less destructive and environmentally invasive, yes. It really would be.

When oil wells dry up and are capped off, the surrounding wilderness can be restored rather easily and will fill itself back in rather quickly-because oil companies need room for the rigs and some temporary roads. That’s it.

Clear-cutting 23-hundred acres for a wind farm leaves a scar on mother earth that isn’t quickly restored.

But hey-this is what the lefties call ‘green progress’, and now that the dems in the Biden era have rammed a trillion dollars in green spending thru congress-they got to spend it somewhere.

Hunters in the audience will remember when the anti-hunting zealots used to bristle at the word ‘cull’ or ‘take’. As in-we need to cull the herd...or i took a big doe.

You killed her. You killed her and any babies she might have ever had, is what you mean. Say it. Don’t soften your slaughter.


Now they’re using words like ‘impacted’ as they go about slaughtering both flora and fauna.Five thousand Joshua trees and hundreds or thousands of desert tortoises will be ‘impacted’, here.

No, they’ll be slaughtered. Killed. Snuffed out. Brutalized. Along with all their future generations.

Say it.  They are the ones doing much worse eco-damage than hunters do- and now they’re the ones speaking in euphemisms.

Oh-and the final kick to the cherries is that solar panels are made of plastics and in a dirty process that is harmful to the environment-and so the estimate is that this solar farm will have to be up-and operating-for at least ten years before it ‘breaks even’, in terms of carbon emissions.

Translation: this is a mortifying eco-disaster that is occurring in California- and it will take at least a decade before any of these nitwits can say this solar farm has finally led to ‘carbon neutrality’.

Good grief.

How can anyone? Or any group of people? Be this stupid?

We’ve talked about that project before. That’s a 35-hundred-acre hell scape. Even bigger than the one we’ve been talking about.

And as the story says: replacing huge swaths of natural environment and desert eco-system with sprawling, ugly, solar farms is hard to square with ‘environmentalism’.

And, of course, solar power is even less efficient if it’s being built in-say- Wisconsin-and in non-desert environments.

I notice that-by coincidence- channel 12 just did a piece on a WE-Energies solar farm in Iowa county- west of Madison. It’s a puff piece that isn’t at all critical of how idiotic ‘solar’ in Wisconsin is.

Oh-and by the way-this is destroying two-thousand acres of land- so nearly as much as the California project killing off the Joshua trees.

Half of the number of homes that a solar farm that’s roughly the same size-out in California’s desert- is promising to service, right?

Did you catch that?

How ‘inefficient’ is solar power here in Wisconsin? We need to cover twice the acreage with solar panels to get the same result.

The two-thousand-acre California solar farm-will power 180-thousand homes, they claim. Here? In Wisconsin? The same two-thousand-acre solar farm will only power 90 thousand. We could cover Wisconsin with solar panels and not have enough electricity to service six-million Wisconsinites and its tens of thousands of businesses, farms, and factories.

This is also land that, then, cannot be farmed, but Brendan Conway of WE-Energies is wetting his pants over it, in the channel twelve piece.

What a farce.

Nuclear is more and more of a ‘no brainer’ and instead, these zealots have us destroying nature in the name of ‘going green

photo credit: Getty Images

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