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Pelosi on tape ‘We have responsibility’ 'I take responsibility' 

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-12-24 7:10am

I didn’t have time to talk about this yesterday- but i want to make sure that everyone who is in this audience-who is not- on social media- saw the story.

This has mostly been covered in social media, but to my surprise, i have seen some mainstream newspapers and websites cover it.

I’m talking about the video of Nancy Pelosi- that her own daughter recorded- on the day of the January sixth protests.

This video proves Nancy Pelosi has been lying for over three years. It proves that Donald Trump has been telling the truth for three years.: that he offered National Guard protection for the Capitol that Pelosi denied- etc.

And as such-this is a very important -historical-piece of video.

And yet- we are just learning about it now because Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson and the members of the bogus Jan. sixth committee- who were handpicked by Pelosi- never made it public.

In fact-one thing that no one seems to be mentioning in their coverage of this-is that when Nancy Pelosi formed this committee-she gave them specific instructions that they were -not- not- to investigate the security failures that day.


Pelosi formed this committee as a ‘witch hunt’ committee that would form the basis for a second Trump impeachment. And so, she named her handpicked members and specifically put them in a box-as investigators: they could only investigate trump’s possible wrongdoing and the rioting that occurred-they could not investigate her or the failures in security.

Some of you will remember this and know it’s true. And this video proves why Pelosi didn’t want to be investigated: because the security failures were hers.

This is a 40 second video that was finally just released by the house oversight committee-that has Pelosi riding in the back seat of her govt car-with a diaper over her face-because it was covid.

And he’s angry with her chief of staff, Terry McCullough, for blowing off the suggestion that the protest got out of hand because there wasn’t enough security.

On the tape. Pelosi says, ‘we have responsibility, terry’. 

She says-on tape- you’re going to ask me if we should call the national guard now? Why weren’t they there to begin with?

They weren’t there because President Trump offered them and her office said no. And to remind everyone: the Speaker of the House has ‘main responsibility’ for the capitol, the safety of the people in it. The Capitol police and who gets in and out of the building.  Securing that building was Pelosi’s direct responsibility.

And here-she is asking her right-hand aide- who clearly makes all sorts of decisions for her as they operate the speaker’s office-

Pelosi-on this tape-is admitting (and I’m going to embellish this for full effect, but to be clear, she’s saying): this is our responsibility, Terri. Someone in our office blew it. Did you blow it? Why wasn’t the national guard there?

So, i can believe that trump’s white house offered her office a National Guard presence around the Capitol on January sixth-and the request never got to Pelosi-

I can believe that-based on how things in dc really work: quite often, top staffers make the call on things that they don’t think require queen Nancy’s attention-right?

And so- i can believe trump’s team made the offer- and the request never got to Pelosi-so she was in the dark when a staffer said ‘no’. That is exactly what this tape seems to verify, here.


But- security that day was still Pelosi’s responsibility, and she blew it. Let’s be clear: if one of her staffers blew it- she- blew it.

And she knows it-because she says-flat out- on the tape: they clearly didn’t know it, and i take responsibility for not having them prepare more.’

This is Pelosi saying: i blew it!

It would actually make me respect her more-if she hadn’t have run to MSNBC to deny it again, when the tape got out.

Greg-and everyone who’s ever worked for me-knows how much I hate excuse-makers: if you screwed up, just admit it. I do.

It’s not the end of the world just be honest: that screw up was ‘on me’. My bad. Sorry.

So-in the secrecy of her limo- Nancy Pelosi is a woman who is willing to admit to her staffers: we blew this-but i-blew this. I shouldn’t have assumed you’d all think of it and handle it. 

She knows she’s responsible for securing the capitol building. She should have thought of it: especially that day when they knew angry pro-trump protestors were going to be in dc to rally.

She, Pelosi, blew it.  

This tape verifies it. It is an important and historical and-very damning-piece of evidence that came out Monday.

So much so, that in a very rare and fast move, Pelosi’s staff got her booked on an MSNBC show to immediately respond to it.

Dame Pelosi -knew the truth was getting out-and she rushed to MSNBC to do damage control. That, as much as anything, verifies her guilt.

This woman-as speaker- or as a regular ole’ congresswoman-has never moved this fast before, and she never ‘goes to the media’. They always come to her.

You have to understand how Pelosi views herself in order to really understand what this move signaled: Pelosi considers herself a very important, weighty, historical figure. Even more important than most presidents because she served as speaker thru several administrations. She’s the queen of dc. And as queen, she doesn’t stoop to do interviews very often-and she never- rush-to- the media. If anything, they come to her.

But Pelosi didn’t even ‘call a camera crew to her office’ on Monday. She sprinted over to the MSNBC set. Understand how rattled she was, here?

So she rushes over to MSNBC-to say- you need to ignore what’s on the tape and let me lie to you again:

This video was shot by Pelosi’s daughter for some HBO ‘insider’ type of show...and her daughter then handed it over to congress...only to have it ignored by the Jan sixth committee.

Ironically-one of the GOP congressmen who was smeared by democrats as ‘helping the rioters plan the riot’ in the days after Jan sixth-

Barry Loudermilk-is now the head of the oversight subcommittee who finally found and released this snippet of tape.

So, you know he enjoyed this. He said-of Pelosi:

"As Nancy Pelosi was being evacuated from the Capitol on January 6, 2021 she admitted that, as Speaker of the House, she was ultimately responsible for the security failures, and for not having the National Guard at the Capitol that day. Then, she proceeded to spend nearly 20 million of taxpayer dollars for her Select Committee to blame President Trump for her failures," 

And here’s how you know that the dc insiders- are shocked at this tape surfacing and they don’t believe Pelosi.

This is how you know the liberals in DC and in the liberal newsrooms know Nancy is lying: because many of them are reporting the story and letting the tape speak for itself. Most headlines i have seen over the last few days -are not-flattering to Pelosi. They are not ‘spin’.

They are direct quotes like this one:  ‘i take responsibility’: Pelosi admits fault for the lack of security on Jan sixth.

That headline comes from reporters and editors who know Pelosi is lying-and she has been caught: she. Didn’t secure the capitol that day and she’s been lying about trump’s offer of ‘guardsmen’ for three years now.

So, will Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson come forward and admit they were lied to? Or that they lied to America?


Don’t hold your breath.

photo credit: Getty Images
story credit: Fox News
audio version of segment here > Pelosi on tape ‘We have responsibility’ 'I take responsibility' 

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