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Biden's campaign continues to falsely boast a soaring economy

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-12-24 8:30am

Folks- I find it a big deal that Joe Biden and his team absolutely-cannot- tell the truth in any of their ads or campaign messaging.

It’s remarkable how every ad, every social media post, every Biden poster-is full of lies.

There’s a ridiculous post floating around on ‘X’ that has a smiling Joe Biden-in sunglasses- beaming in front of a blue background...and there are five talking points that are spelled out next to Biden: not a single one of them is real or accurate.

It's striking that-out of five claims the Biden campaign wants to make about the economy- they couldn’t come up with a single honest talking point.

Oh- a few can be ‘spun’ to be technically correct. But they aren’t true, or honest, or accurate.

For example-you can insist that Jeffery Dahmer liked women.... But...what’s your proof?

Well, he never killed and ate one.

Okay....well, technically that statement is correct, but it’s not true or accurate.

For example-Biden’s five fake talking points include: Biden created 15.6-million jobs.

No. He didn’t.14 million of those were simply people going back to work after the covid closures ended. The dems are lying.

Also: unemployment has been at or below 4 percent for 30 months in a row.  Okay-but that’s a misleading formula that was also that low during the trump era-pre-covid-when everyone was working- and is now propped up by the fact that millions of Americans who still aren’t working-post covid- have no interest in rejoining the work force -and they aren’t counted in the unemployment formula if they aren’t actively ‘looking for work’.  Get it?

If ten people are working, you’ve got full employment. If they all have to stop due to covid, and then only 8 go back to work after covid, you no longer have full employment, do you.

Ah! But under our unemployment formula- you do! If those two people don’t say they are looking for a job. 

This is what’s happened under Biden-post covid. The actual ‘labor participation rate’ is still lower than it used to be in the trump era- when more people were working.

So that’s an intentionally shady claim.

Next: a record high share of working aged women and people with disabilities have jobs.

Okay. That may or may not be true-but- so what?

That sounds like a stat you toss in because you have nothing better.

Hey, we just signed a new player. He’s hitting .302 and .350 with men on base....and i once saw him eat ten tacos in a single sitting.

Okay. What does that-last one? -have to do with anything?

The next boast: inflation is down sixty percent.

This. Is my favorite boast: Joe Biden and the dems-created- skyrocketing inflation. These dimwits -caused-never ending and runaway inflation of about five percent over the last three years. It peaked at 9.1 percent inflation in mid-2022...and yes, has eased since then but is still killing’ us every month...and Biden’s team is going to try to boast that the inflation-he created!-has eased by 60 percent when he had it up at it’s worse in 2022.

Do you want to give him credit for that?

Because-it’s like saying that you’re killing 60 percent fewer kittens than you once were.

Oh, I’m still killing kittens...but...I’m down a month.... Instead of nine a me some credit, here.  That’s an accomplishment.

No, it’s not. You are still a monster.

Joe Biden is still ‘an inflation monster’ don’t let him lie to you with that whopper.

And the last lie on this X post: incomes are up more than prices.

No, they are not. This is a stone-cold lie that joe Biden has been telling for probably a year now-and it’s demonstrably and false...

Like the lie he keeps repeating about how-when he came into office-inflation was nine percent.

It was 1.4 percent when he came into office-and the nine percent didn’t come until a year and a half later-after he and the dems had bleeped up the economic recovery.

And so- five talking points on the Biden campaign social media post- all five- fraudulent.

But- see- Biden’s campaign -cannot-accurately represent their economic data. So, they have to gaslight the entire country and hope that at least half of the population is dumb enough to believe this stuff.

Thanks to Biden’s disastrous economy- half of all Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck. Three in ten Americans say they are skipping meals to save money.

Another 30 percent say they are going without- or putting off- purchasing necessities like rent, electricity, gas or groceries. Two-in-ten Americans say they have applied for food stamps as a result of Biden’s inflation.

And Biden keeps boasting about how great the economy is and how much he’s helped all of you.

Are you dumb enough to buy it?

Or is he insulting the hell out of you?

photo credit: Getty Images

audio version of segment here >  Biden's campaign continues to falsely boast a soaring economy

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